charmed by katie almond’s ceramics!

I really don’t know how these cute things keep finding me.

Minding my own business, I hear a little voice saying: “This has got your name written all over it.”

Investigating further, I see the piece that caught my eye was made by a UK artist. Again.

So much talent across the pond!

It’s time we had a good ceramics fix, and no one better to do just that than Katie Almond. You know me, I like charming and quirky.

Katie’s based in Rutland in the East Midlands. Rutland is the smallest historic county in England (18 miles N to S, 17 miles E to W). Tiny! It’s motto: “Much in Little.”

This sort of describes Katie’s work: she includes a lot of beautiful detail on each of her ceramic canvases, a blend of hand-painting + found vintage ephemera.

An honors graduate in Design Crafts from DeMontfort University in Leicester, she set up her studio in 2009 and has exhibited throughout the UK.

Favorite themes: Afternoon tea, the seaside, gardening and flowers, traditional blue and white pottery. See why I love her work? 🙂


Also, her decorative pieces are all unique one-offs, produced with a variety of slip-casting and hand-building techniques. The combination of her own drawings + transferred nostalgic imagery is a dynamite combination, like taking a fresh look at yesteryear.

Besides the applied handmade elements I love, like little hearts, birds, flowers, words, etc., you’ll find old bus tickets, news and magazine adverts, seed packets, and photographs on her porcelain jugs, cups, flower pots, teacups and saucers, teapots, cake stands, and brooches.

It’s like having a little story on each piece so artfully arranged.

Katie’s work has been featured in Period Living, Essential Living, and Homes & Antiques. Among the awards she’s received are the 2012 Homes & Antiques Magazine Award and Best New Business Award sponsored by Made by Hand online.

You can see more at her official website and purchase some of her pieces at Made by Hand Online. Katie also does commissioned work — great idea to use personal ephemera for a special gift!

And don’t you just love how she also decorates the inside of her jugs and cups? 🙂

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18 thoughts on “charmed by katie almond’s ceramics!

  1. Wow, Jama, Katie’s work is marvelous. I love those envelopes hanging on the wall, and adding the ephemera is brilliant. Thanks, like always, for brightening the day!

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    1. I imagine a custom piece would be so cool if one had old pictures or souvenirs, etc. to add. Great idea for landmark anniversary or birthday.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed seeing Katie’s work, Tara! It made me happy when I first saw it, and it’s nice you feel the same. 🙂


  2. I can see why you’re charmed, Jama. So adorable! I especially love the brooches, and that owl one in particular 🙂

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    1. The brooches are really lovely. I like the owl one too along with the little bird’s nest and also the bluebirds . . .


    You’re trying to drain my bankbook, Tuesday by Tuesday… I LOVE, love, love the dimensional aspect of these pieces – they’re so, so pretty. The envelopes to hang on the wall? Can you imagine them with little sprigs of fresh flowers, or dried one? Gorgeous. And, of course the brooches…

    ::happy sigh::

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    1. Yes, I love the idea of pasting pieces onto other pieces — such fun to look at all the details. Those ceramic envelopes are to die for. . .


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