new art crush: jane newland


I recently “discovered” UK illustrator Jane Newland while browsing images online. Safe to say that 80% of the time, when something different/exceptional/beautiful stops me in my tracks, the artist turns out to be British. 🙂





Jane lives and works in Norwich (the most complete Medieval city in the UK), which is located in Norfolk county.





A graduate of Maidstone College of Art, Jane has illustrated children’s books for a number of publishers, in addition to doing editorial/licensing work for such clients as Anthropologie, Times Square Hong Kong, Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, The Art Group, and Vogue. Her designs can be found on greeting cards, baby bed linen, magazine covers, packaging, and a line of handbags for Sakroots.








Clearly inspired by the natural world, her work is characterized by gorgeous color combinations and an exquisite attention to detail. She also includes some surprises in her landscapes every now and then — foxes, birds, dogs, people.






She creates her art digitally with a Surface Pro, so she can draw directly on the screen. She’s worked hard over the years at creating a look that “doesn’t scream digital.”







I find myself feeling calmer when looking at her art, wanting to escape into her lovely, enchanted woodland scenes. There’s a beautiful sense of stillness and serenity in many of her pictures.











Find out more about Jane’s work at her Official Website and Instagram. Some of her greeting cards may be ordered via Studio Eleven Papers, and her Mojave Mirage Collection of handbags is available at The Sak.

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13 thoughts on “new art crush: jane newland

  1. Oh yes Jama! I felt that serenity, and a depth of calm, when looking at her images. . . . That is a real gift. Thank you!

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  2. Oooh. All of her pictures with cacti in them – or, really, all of her pictures, period. And those purses!!!
    If I weren’t trying to be more careful with money just now… well, it won’t hurt to go and LOOK at the purse site, right?



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  3. Those illustrations are really charming and idyllic. Just what we need to calm us in this miserable plague time!

    be well… mae at

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