loving elizabeth price’s whimsical ceramic sculptures


Why, hello!

Look who’s relaxing up there on that shelf. She seems to be enjoying a moment of peace and quiet. As long as no one reaches for the sugar, she’s all set. πŸ™‚





I was instantly smitten when I first saw Elizabeth Price’s charming ceramic figures. People standing, bending, stretching, sitting, posing — alone or with others — a state of mind, a moment in a narrative, a three dimensional snapshot that arouses curiosity and makes the viewer smile, ponder, or reflect.








Her pieces are brilliantly emotive; much is conveyed by stance and gestures — some as small as the tilt of the head or a certain set of the shoulders. I also love the soft colors and patterns of the garments! Wouldn’t you enjoy the lovely surprise of finding a small person lounging in your garden, posed on your bathroom sink, perched on your bookshelf?







Elizabeth is (you guessed it) British. She initially trained as an art teacher but early on ran her own restaurant in Manchester. It wasn’t until she was in her forties that she pursued formal art training and set up a home studio.

She’d always enjoyed working with clay, and after making many cakes with marzipan, she was reminded of just how much. πŸ™‚




Her ideas may come in a flash or develop over time. She’s inspired by personal experience, people watching, conversations, dance, media images, and other forms of visual art.

My sculptures are hollow, built using thin slabs of an off-white, slightly gritty clay that I cut out, a little like dressmaking. The surfaces are decorated with layers of oxides, stains and glazes fired to 1090Β°C.






Elizabeth has exhibited solo and in group shows, and has undertaken installations and many individual commissions. Career highlights include participating in a national touring show of humorous ceramics selected by comedian Johnny Vegas, as well as the installations where she created little figures that explore and experience real environments.









Elizabeth’s delightful sculptures are currently being sold exclusively through Kellie Miller Arts in Brighton.









Visit her Official Website to see more.

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20 thoughts on “loving elizabeth price’s whimsical ceramic sculptures

  1. Awww, they’re really cute! Hope I have one too. I bet it’ll relax me more while staying at home. ❀ It's like having a whole peaceful community in your home πŸ˜€

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    1. Yes, a peaceful community! Maybe we all have these little friends around but since they’re shy, they hide when they see us coming. πŸ™‚

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  2. Each one feels like I know that person, Jama. These are lovely. I am so taken by the faces and love the bare feet! Thanks, like always, great discovery!

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  3. These are lovely, Jama! Where/how do you find all of these treasures? Thanks for constantly bringing joy!! We need it!!

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