catherine nolin: rooms with more than a view


Catherine Nolin’s paintings take my breath away. Her gorgeous room portraits, still lifes, and botanical designs are defined by rich, vibrant colors, intricate patterns and luscious textures, each a sensual feast for the eyes steeped in antiquity.



A self-taught artist based in Andover, Massachusetts, Catherine says she’s always thinking about color and became fascinated with the emotional impact of various color combinations at a young age. The youngest of six sisters, she grew up in a family where Italian traditions were fundamental.

When I was 10 years old, a family friend, an artist, recognized my talent and enrolled me in a class at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. After that seminal experience, I continued to draw and in high school I practiced drawing furniture pieces and chairs with fabric patterns. The Italian Renaissance became my favorite art history period and I often incorporated objects and themes from this period into my work. In college, I studied pottery, figure drawing and art history.







Painting became a necessary form of therapy when she had her third son, who is autistic. This “part-time escape” soon evolved into a full time profession.






In her home studio, Catherine creates oil and acrylic paintings that are sold all over the world, and she’s had exhibitions in galleries throughout the Northeast. Her pieces are displayed in private collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and her paintings have also been featured in numerous design publications such as Surrounding Magazine, Wilsonart’s The Statement Blog, Note To Self, and Shelterrific.







I am especially fond of painted interiors, and love studying Catherine’s rooms, imagining myself reading classic literature amidst stunning tapestries, baroque frames, elegant furniture and interesting objets d’art. The Renaissance influence is pervasive; her paintings have a sumptuous “museum quality” about them with their meticulous composition and aesthetic appeal. Beauty for beauty’s sake. I could get used to living in such opulence. 🙂







Windows open to scenic vistas of sea and sky, gently encouraging daydreaming. There is the romance of clipper ships, lighthouses, and formal gardens for a leisurely mind stroll.






I also like the animals she portrays, whether domestic, wild, or exotic. Lions, rabbits and raccoons seem as much at home in her rooms as poodles, foxes, peacocks, and panda bears. She hasn’t forgotten that welcome touch of whimsy, either. The matter-of-factness of a tiger atop a footstool, a spotted fawn resting on a velvet cushion, a leopard playing hide-and-seek in a dresser, or a zebra showing off a verdant mural to great effect are visual rewards to be savored.









Catherine’s original paintings, fine art prints and notecards are available through her Etsy Shop, and yes, she’s open to commissions. A selection of her prints can also be purchased at Wayfair.









See more at her Official Website and at Daily Paintworks.



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    1. Didn’t know you lived in North Andover. Catherine has such a distinctive style — wouldn’t mind living in any of her rooms. 🙂


  1. Yes, I adore the whimsey of animals in one’s living room, and the window views of the ocean or lakes. Every painting seems to tell a story, too, Jama. Thanks for sharing such beauty today, needed!


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