[review] A Gift for Amma by Meera Sriram and Mariona Cabassa

It’s market day in India. Would you like to tag along as a young girl picks out a special gift for her mother?

Just to be clear, this is no ordinary outdoor market — at least not as it’s presented in this gorgeous new picture book by Meera Sriram and Mariona Cabassa.

The market in A Gift for Amma (Barefoot Books, 2020) is a bustling bazaar of blossoms, spices, powders, sweets, fabrics, and feathers — an eye-popping rainbow of luscious colors that rouse the senses.

Once we step into the world of this artfully crafted story, we find ourselves awash in fiery vermilion, cool terracotta and soothing indigo with an eager shopper as our guide.

She faces quite a conundrum though, since there are many wonderful things to choose from, and we can feel her energy and enthusiasm as she describes each item in terms of color:

SAFFRON orange strands in tiny scoops.
Would Amma like to season rice?

Orange marigolds swing over doors —
Swish, swish! Should I make her a garland?

With just two lines per page, Sriram’s spare, lyrical text powers an engaging narrative brimming with sensory details that make every scene come alive.

There’s the fragrance of white jasmine, fresh mint and coriander, the sound of a passing rickshaw’s bell, a water buffalo’s moo, and the “Clink, clink!” of blue bangles as they sing and chime.

Sriram certainly uses onomatopoeia to good effect, making this an extra fun read aloud. What child would not love the swish, shoo, yum, sniff, jingle and achoo’s in the story — with all the actions they imply?

We can practically taste those “pink sweets soaked in ghee,” the roasted sweetcorn and kebabs, and what about some “brown tea with milk and sugar”? Mmmmm, cardamom!

Mariona Cabassa’s vibrant pencil, pastel and water-based paint illustrations are truly a feast for the eyes, and are sure to elicit oohs and ahhs throughout. She’s populated the narrow streets of the busy market with interesting people of all ages, among them, tote-carrying customers happily interacting with sellers, strolling past stalls and display tables. Everyone seems to be on the move, whether by foot, bicycle, rickshaw, or automobile.

Readers will be happy to learn what gift the girl finally purchases with her pocket money. Confronted with so many beautiful colors/items, she joyfully solves her dilemma with just the right treasure.

A Gift for Amma is based on the outdoor markets the author frequented as a child growing up in southern India. Back matter includes market photographs from her 2019 summer trip, definitions of all the items for sale in the story, as well as short descriptions of other notable outdoor markets around the world.

I think kids will enjoy learning “new” names for familiar colors, exploring different shades and textures for each, and trying to guess what the girl will ultimately buy as they’re handily steeped in a fascinating setting.

Don’t miss this flavorful color concept and storybook in one, nimbly told and beautifully illustrated. Each page turn seems to top the next, enchanting readers as they explore these hues in a stimulating cultural context.

As for me, I’m quite taken with “TUMERIC yellow like sunshine dust,” “LOTUS pink shimmering fresh,” and “PEACOCK green dancing in the breeze.”

May I please have another cup of brown tea with my pink sweet? 🙂


A GIFT FOR AMMA: Market Day in India
written by Meera Sriram
illustrated by Mariona Cabassa
published by Barefoot Books, August 2020
*Available in hardcover, paperback, and Spanish editions
**Starred Reviews** from School Library Journal and Foreword Reviews

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15 thoughts on “[review] A Gift for Amma by Meera Sriram and Mariona Cabassa

    1. What a beautiful & vibrant book! Reminds me of the open markets in Korea. Thanks for sharing, Jama Darling!


      1. Yes, the colors in this book are just gorgeous. I’m glad the author included info about other open markets. The ones in Korea must be just as fascinating.


  1. Yay! I have many students from Indian families…some have been to India and some have but don’t remember and some have yet to go. I always keep my eye out for great new books for all ages that offer the world to “my kids.” This looks delightful! Thank you for reviewing.

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  2. What a beautiful colorful book. Thanks for sharing, Jama. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍂🦃By the way, have you seen a picture if Rockefeller the owl found in the NYC Christmas tree?! Adorable, and a miracle he survived the trip from upstate. It’s a true Christmas Miracle, and I am sure someone will write a book about him!

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  3. I think I’ll buy this one just for the wonderful illos but doubly for the lyrical text-a perfect mentor text for teaching concepts like onomatopoeia, assonance, consonance, and adding sensory details to beginning writers.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this book, Jama, certainly not like our own farmer’s markets, though I see some craft booths every year, too, along with the garden fruits and vegies. And my library has this book! Happy Thanksgiving!


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