Tijana Lukovic: Inside and Out

Belgium-based painter and illustrator Tijana Lukovic is inspired by motherhood, nature, folklore and fairytales. Her biggest inspiration is her daughter and their world of play. 

I love the sense of serenity and calm depicted in her domestic scenes, where ordinary activities and family life become a form of meditation. Home is nourishing, pleasurable, and safe — its own world within the world, and her pictures are a good reminder to be fully present in our daily lives. Also cool is that touch of whimsy when the outside comes in. 🙂

Once outdoors — whether exploring the woods or riding on the backs of moths or birds — we’re invited to dwell in magic and wonder. Humans and animals happily co-exist in idyllic locales — riverbanks, hillsides, streams and meadows. 

Her love of nature, as well as drawing and painting it, is rooted in childhood. She grew up in a small town in west Serbia surrounded by mountains called Užice. There, she and her friends had many adventures exploring the hills and forests, making their own toys, pretending they were the characters in the stories they read, and building forts with branches. She enjoyed drawing the fairies she heard about in her grandmother’s stories.

Tijana works primarily in gouache. She earned an MA in Drawing at KASK/Ghent and an MFA in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at Novi Sad. 

She loves the work of Elsa Beskow, Sylvil von Olfers, Beth Krommes, Molly Brett, Phoebe Wahl, Makoto Kagoshima, and Gemma Koomen, among many others.

Check out Tijana’s Official Website and Instagram for more. You can purchase prints, originals, and cards at her online shop.

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9 thoughts on “Tijana Lukovic: Inside and Out

  1. Theses paintings are beautiful. I especially love the ones where the girls are playing pretend. The clothes blowing in the breeze makes me smile! Thank you p, Jama. XO

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  2. Each one is wonderful, Jama. I especially like the girls splashing in puddles while the ducks watch! And yes, the whimsey of ‘nature’ sitting on windowsills, becoming part of the household is fun, too. Thanks for introducing Tijana to us. FYI – my grocery did have the Minute Tapioca. I don’t know what the price used to be but it was six dollars a box! Happy Tuesday! May our day be quieter than yesterday!

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    1. Glad you were able to find the tapioca. I think it normally sells for less than $4/box, but I’ve seen it online for as much as $50+/box! It reminds me of flour and yeast shortages during the early part of the pandemic.

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  3. Beautiful!! Her work definitely reminds me of Phoebe Wahl’s too–it has that nostalgic, homey quality which is lovely. Thanks, Jama 🙂

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