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Just in case you’re feeling a little low and/or color-starved, here’s some of Jana Glatt’s art to WAKE. YOU. UP!

Colorful, quirky, upbeat and offbeat, Jana’s work is joy personified. Oh, those beady eyes and leetle mustaches! She’s able to convey so much personality with just a few strokes. You can feel the energy and emotion in every picture. Too much fun!

Originally from Rio de Janeiro but now based in Cologne, Jana’s childhood theatre classes set the stage for her fascination with characters and costuming. In college she majored in graphic design and illustration. Now, as a professional illustrator, she does everything from editorial work to textiles to children’s books.

Could I resist these tea party pictures? No, I could not! There’s a playful sophistication in her pictures that appeals to all ages. So fresh and invigorating!

I wish I could read Spanish and Portuguese in order to understand some of her picture books. But she has published some in English too, such as this one, written by Baptiste Paul: To Carnival!: A Celebration in Saint Lucia (Barefoot Books, 2021). This one also comes in Spanish and French editions.

Last year, she published Eat the Cake, written by M.H. Clark (Compendium, 2020). Sounds like my kind of book, no? 🙂

And then there’s this cool play set, Build Your Own Mars Colony (Laurence King, 2020), that includes a poster and 10 press out sheets with no scissors or glue required for assembly.

Several years ago, she designed a children’s clothing line for ARKET. The theme was animals playing sports. I especially like the scarf!

To see more of Jana’s work, visit her Instagram and tumblr.

Enjoy this short video spotlighting one of her books (I think it’s in Turkish):


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