Eva Armisén: The Artist Who Paints Happiness

I was so happy when I chanced upon this adorable painting recently. A dark-haired girl eating alphabet soup!

Yeah, I kinda felt it was me, since she’s wearing a green dress (my favorite color) and has a blissful expression on her face. Those perky letters (don’t you love the ones dancing in her spoon) would be endlessly nourishing (esp. the letters C-A-K-E). 🙂

Spanish artist Eva Armisén.

Internationally renowned Spanish artist Eva Armisén, who lives and works in Barcelona, painted this delectable piece. She describes her art as, “Sincere. Simple. Emotional.”

Her work, with its whimsical, child-like style, is immediately recognizable: charming portraits of families, friends, and pets doing everyday things together. And of course there’s that ubiquitous young female, often with a flower in her hair, carrying beautiful bouquets, walking, resting, having fun. As the artist’s storyteller, she seems quite content to be on her own.

For Armisén, making art is like coming home – a place she goes to for comfort and shelter whenever she needs it. Whether it’s painting, ceramics, engraving, or sculpture, all of Eva’s work begins with emotion. She feels/experiences something, then translates that into a work of art.

Her paintings serve as a visual diary, elevating daily life and chronicling inner thoughts and dreams. They enable viewers to connect with their own emotions, remember their childhoods, or perhaps cherish those small moments that are often overlooked.

It’s amazing how with just a few simple lines, Armisén’s able to create such emotive faces. A small curve-line smile speaks of hope, optimism, and innocence. 

A shy child, she often found it easier to draw or write her feelings than to talk about them. She credits an art teacher for showing her how to communicate via painting. Early on she discovered how art empowered her with a sense of freedom. She also feels lucky to have had her parents’ unconditional support of her artistic ambitions.

Eva earned a Fine Arts degree from the University of Barcelona, completed her training at the Rietveld Akademie Amsterdam, and received a grant from the Joan and Pilar Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca.

She’s been engaged in a wide variety of projects including children’s books, advertising, editorial work, public art installations, film and television campaigns. Her work has been featured at art fairs as well as solo exhibitions in such cities as Lisbon, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Seoul, where she’s had a particularly strong following.

Over a decade ago, Eva exhibited her work at an art fair in Seoul, where she established an instant connection with the people. She was surprised that her work resonated so deeply with them; her pictures transcended any differences in language, customs, and culture. 

This enabled her to take her ideas to new formats (e.g., collaborations with Skinfood Cosmetics and Corelle, a home and kitchen brand). 

She also got to meet the Haenyeo (women divers of Jeju Island).

Cover of Mom is a Haenyeo.

These women have inspired me a lot in my work and in my life because they combine the values that I admire the most. Independence, pride in their work and teamwork. The deep respect they show for nature and the knowledge of their own limits. For them greed is not an option. After meeting them I illustrated the book “Mom is a Haenyeo” by Heeyoung Koh. It has been one of my favorite works ever. It was published in Korea in 2016 and it is now on its 13th edition.

from Mom is a Haenyeo.

Armisén continues to exhibit her work at shows and art fairs in Korea, traveling there at least four times a year. 

Do you think the female storyteller in Eva’s pictures looks like her? I do – and I also think some of the faces look Korean :).

Enjoy this video of Armisén discussing her work at her studio in Barcelona:


Visit Eva Armisén’s online shop to purchase prints, tote bags, brooches, calendars, puzzles, fans, greeting cards and more. 

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    1. This is just what I needed after a hectic day at a book festival. Thank you for this beautiful post. It’s no surprise Koreans have fallen in love with Eva Armisen’s art. The vibrant colors, the distinctive characters who do, indeed, look Korean to me, too! Eva’s art captures all that is needed in our world – happiness.

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      1. Glad Eva’s art made you happy, Ginger. Amazing how one can feel so much joy from such simple pictures. It really is uncanny how her characters look Korean.


  1. Wow! I enjoyed the video very much, Jama. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit her home, art above, musicians below! I am in awe with the variety of her art yet remaining true to that basic happiness. It’s wonderful.

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  2. Brought a smile to my heart. Love the bright beautiful colors and the simplicity of the drawings. Brings back so many nice memories.

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