just call me strawberry girl

“Strawberry picking is my jam.” ~ Anonymous

Art by Madison Safer

Since May is National Strawberry Month, thought we’d have a little fun going berry picking shopping.

There’s just something about seeing those red heart-shaped beauties on everything from socks to tea towels that makes me happy. And of course there are some cool strawberry toys too. Yes, please.

So grab a shopping cart and happy picking! Just click on the images for more info. 🙂


“Strawberries in Green Cocktail Glass” original oil painting by Diana Fritch.
Strawberry Onesie by SnuggleMonkeysCC (also comes in long sleeve).
Hand-knitted Top Handle Bag by Hailing Crafts.
Handmade Strawberry Shortcake Mug by The Native Element.
Strawberry Art Print by Jordan McDowell.
Fuzzy Strawberry Slippers via Lola & the Boys.
Strawberry Hot/Cold Glass Kettle by Bunteshaus.
Strawberry Glass Mug or Water Cup by Bunteshaus.
Handmade Natural Linen Strawberry Oven Mitt by Work and Dream.
Strawberry Kids Apron and Chef Hat Set by Jennice House.
Handmade Embroidered Make-up Bag or Pencil Case by Zesteceleste.
Women and Girls Novelty Socks.
Cubic Zirconia Strawberry Earrings.
Ceramic 5-1/4″ Strawberry Teapot by Cosmos Gifts.
Painted Strawberries Tea Towel by Aaryn West.
Fabulous Fruit Strawberry by Jellycat (suitable for birth+).
Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises by Jellycat.
My favorite Lois Lenski book.
Roy Kirkham Alpine Strawberry Fine Bone China Breakfast Cup and Saucer (set of 2).
Strawberry Pillow Plush Toys via Wish.
Handmade Strawberry Mug by LoveCo Ceramics.
Squeaky Plush Dog Toys by Balacoo.
Bridgewater Vegetable Garden Strawberry ‘Darling Mum’ Mug.
Bridgewater Vegetable Garden Strawberry Handled Tray
Felt Strawberry Play Kitchen Food by Kapsuleon.
Handknit Wool Strawberry Baby Hat and Booties Set by Handknit Hugs
Teddy Bear in a Strawberry Hat Iron-on Patch by Lychee Patches.


Hungry after all that shopping? Eating straight from the jar is Mr Cornelius’s jam.

Bonne Maman Intense Strawberry Fruit Spread (yummy)!


Hope you had fun. Of course we must close with this.



Art by Kendyll Hillegas (not for sale, but click to see more of her amazing work!).

“Strawberry Fields is anywhere you want to go.” ~ John Lennon

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9 thoughts on “just call me strawberry girl

  1. Thanks, Jama. Strawberries are so cheerful (and delicious!) I love strawberry-picking. And that teapot is so cute!

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  2. Great blog post! Though I’m not sure that the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields happy place was really a farm, it was an orphanage with gardens.

    My granddaughters had a newborn baby size strawberry hat that was knitted by a friend. The older, summer-born baby wore it rarely, but the younger, winter baby wore a hat all the time. Very cute. (They are now in college)

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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