lucy almey bird’s gentle, whimsical world

Come and cozy up by the fire – you’re just in time for Sunday tea! Looks like our hosts have set out sandwiches, scones, and a Victoria sponge. Such an inviting scene; it must feel nice to have someone brush your hair.

We previously featured several of Lucy Almey Bird’s paintings in a Cool Things Roundup, but decided she needs to have her own post since she’s created so many wonderful new pieces since then.

Somerset artist Lucy Almey Bird.

A native of rural Somerset in Southwest England, Lucy is a self taught artist who was encouraged to draw and paint from an early age. Frequent trips to museums and art galleries in London ignited her passion for art.

She works mainly with acrylics on canvas board, depicting a whimsical and romanticized view of the world. She’s inspired mainly by everyday home and rural life – simple pleasures like curling up with a good book, baking bread, taking country walks, tending the garden, or gathering with friends for a game of cards. 

She sometimes features her three daughters, chickens and cats in her pictures. Her female subjects are often wearing billowy dresses whether they’re indoors or out. It’s all about comfort.

In addition to wearing loose fitting dresses, the women are either barefoot or wearing warm wooly socks. They’re happily engaged and exude a feeling of contentment. When they’re outdoors, they’re in constant motion in a free flowing way.

Of course I’m partial to her kitchen scenes and like seeing the blue and white striped Cornishware and other pieces of crockery on tables and shelves. I also like that her interiors are full of books; they cram the shelves or are even stacked up on the stairs. Sometimes specific book titles are visible – “Wuthering Heights” or “Soup.” 🙂

Lucy has been influenced by many artists including Stanley Spencer and Ronnie Copas. I appreciate her well crafted compositions with their interesting details, patterns and textures: floral and plaid prints on dresses, wallpaper and rugs. There are nice touches of humor, too, especially when domestic animals are depicted.

Lucy’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the UK. Giclée prints are available via her website, and originals may be purchased through Mid-Cornwall Galleries. Lanternfish Publishing carries her fine art greeting cards, which are laminated for a luxury glossy finish. Keep up with her latest news at her Instagram and Facebook Page.

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6 thoughts on “lucy almey bird’s gentle, whimsical world

  1. Thanks for this blog post. I love Lucy’s paintings, especially those with cats. She has their behavior down pat! Of course any painting that has books is my favorite! So I guess I like them all. Nice way to start my day!

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