Review Policy

For Authors, Publishers and Publicists:
*updated April 30, 2018

I am happy to accept ARCs and review copies, but please keep these things in mind:

1. As this blog is a non-paying, voluntary labor of love, I’m only able to review a select number of titles as time and space will allow. My “reviews,” which comprise about 1/3 of the content here, are actually recommendations. My aim is to only feature titles I truly love. Therefore, I cannot guarantee a review for every book I receive. If I have actively solicited a book, it will receive priority in my “TBR and reviewed” pile.

2. My primary focus is food-related books for children, fiction or nonfiction, Picture Book through Middle Grade, with an emphasis on picture books. Nonfiction topics of interest include nutrition, gardening, agriculture, cookbooks, culinary history, and food production. I will review the occasional young adult title if it looks uncommonly delicious, and I’m also on the lookout for interesting adult cookbooks (esp. those that are illustrated, have a literary tie-in or feature recipes by artists, writers, musicians, and celebrities).

3. In addition to food books, I welcome innovative and/or quirky alphabet books and good bear books (real or teddy bear variety). I’m especially keen on picture books with crossover appeal for adult collectors.

4. Since I participate in Poetry Friday every week, I’d love to see more poetry collections with a food tie-in — these could be for either children or adults.

5. I feature both new and older titles at Alphabet Soup, and often obtain copies from the library. So, if you’re an author who thinks your book (regardless of pub date) would be a good fit for this blog, please let me know and I’ll check it out!

6. I enjoy interviewing picture book authors and illustrators, and authors of food-related fiction for ages 7-12. Contact me if you’re interested in setting something up!

7. What I don’t review: book apps, board books, novelty books, audio books, self-published titles, adult fiction or nonfiction (except cookbooks and food memoirs).

8. Please note: Since my posts are scheduled months in advance, I generally do not participate in blog tours, but will make an exception for the occasional guest post on a food-related title.

9. Check out my Book Review Archive for further reference.

10. You may reach me via my website address:

readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com.

Thank you for visiting and considering Alphabet Soup!

*Photo of Simon the Bear via Robert Paul Bolner.

**Photo of girls reading via dlundbech.

Jama Rattigan


One thought on “Review Policy

  1. Sharing a poem with fellow foodies!


    sunday morning aroma
    mother’s fragrant kitchen
    scent of frying meatballs
    wafts up the stairs

    smell unlike any other
    sleep broken
    the sensual call
    impossible to ignore

    Good morning, ma.


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