a little halibut, a little rhubarb, a little goatee

 photo of 1789 Restaurant entrance by KATHERINE & RYAN.

I tried to warn Len before we left home. “Wear a sportcoat.”

We were going to 1789 in Georgetown, after all. A pricey place where traditionalists tête-à-tête in beautifully furnished period dining rooms and rattle their jewelry between courses. I did not wish for George Washington to raise his brow in disapproval, or for any of Georgetown University’s alumni to bite their thumbs.

But alas! Len paid me no heed, opting for a pair of chinos and a golf shirt. Blame it on the heat, or the indefatigable spirit of rugged New Hampshirites. Anyone who lives by the words, “Live Free or Die,” is gonna do just what he wants to do.

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