SOUP’S ON: Tanita S. Davis in the Kitchen Interview!

Recipe for a Delicious Young Adult Novel:

Take one smart-as-a-whip, talented, vegetarian, Thai-food-loving, gregariously introverted, voracious reader and lifelong writer named Tanita S. Davis,

Give her a laptop, quiet time, patience, perseverance, and a husband, David, who just happens to be the world’s best baker,

Allow her imagination to concoct a coming-of-age story about a 17-year-old girl named Lainey, who dreams of having her own vegetarian cooking show;

Add Lainey’s ex-best friend and secret crush, Simeon, who stirs things up by hanging with new friends, taking her for granted, and suddenly leaving home,

Then let everything simmer and stew in scenes that are fresh, biting, sweet, a little spicy, and explosive, every chapter enhanced with handwritten recipes —

And you have, One. Feast. Of. A. Good. Book.

A La Carte, Tanita’s first novel, was just released in June, and I would call it a favorite even if I wasn’t already shamelessly partial to food-related books. The kitchen scenes are engaging, sensual, convincing, and emotionally resonant, and the story of how Lainey comes into her own, despite being treated so poorly by the guy she loves, will stay with me for a long time.

Originally from California, Tanita is visiting today from Glasgow, Scotland, where she lives with David in a converted church called the Angel Building. How cool is that?! Some of you may know that she’s also an avid blogger, reviewer, and champion of YA books, who goes by the name of TadMack. And this girl can cook! I know you’ll enjoy what she’s serving up today:

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