carlyle house cauldron tea and tour

Happy Almost Halloween! 

‘Tis the season to practice your cackles, dust up your brooms, and sip strange brews.

Is he hiding a biscuit in his vest?

This past Sunday, Len and I headed out to the historic Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria to attend a Cauldron Tea. I’m always happy to steep myself in the fun of a seasonal tea and this one came with the chance to tour the beautifully restored 18th century Palladian-style home of one of Alexandria’s founders, John Carlyle, a wealthy merchant who apparently knew how to invest his shillings and have a really good time.

We arrived a little early, so we strolled around the lovely 3/4 acre garden, which showcases plant materials available to Carlyle during the time of his residency. We were greeted by the chitter chatter of hundreds of birds, no doubt exchanging Sunday pleasantries and engaging in mini-debates (we are a swing state after all). I’d been to Old Town countless times, but never knew this sweet little haven was here. Perfect spot for a tête-à-tête!

* * * * *

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get your buzz on: buzz bakery!


I first heard about Buzz Bakery in Alexandria from Sara Lewis Holmes, whose New Year’s resolution this year is, “to eat more cupcakes.” I know, right? A brilliant poet and author who’s definitely got her priorities straight. ☺

This past weekend was the perfect time for a cupcake caper — temps in the 60’s, bright sunshine and clear blue skies. Since Buzz has been on my foodie field trip list for quite some time now, it was the perfect place to begin my research. My ultimate quest: to find the best Chocolate Cupcake in the DC area, and to reacquaint myself with its cousins — Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry, Champagne, Banana, et. al. If brownies, cookies, or cute little pies call my name, I will answer.

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