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#46 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet

Hey there, Font Freaks! Why the long typeface?

I’ve got just the thing to titillate your Times New Roman. That’s right — a double platter of tippy top typography today! (Say that fast five times.)

Those of us in love with the alphabet usually love to play with our fonts — after all, there’s one for every mood, every emotion, every occasion, every whim.

When I first set up this blog two years ago, I changed the standard fonts that came with my template. You’re now looking at Fertigo Pro in the blog title, Adelle for headings,  Slab for general text. They all seemed friendlier somehow.

Lately, I’ve been quite partial to Lucida Bright or Bookman Old Style when drafting new stories in Word. I’m surprised how anti-creative some fonts can be (sorry, Impact). And I still don’t get all the flack about Comic Sans or Courier. Neither has ever stolen my chocolate.🙂

On to today’s offerings.

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First Bite

Behold the delightful work of art student Pranita Kocharekar of Mumbai, India. She’s studying typography and recently designed this wonderful illustrative typeface called, “Bird Watching,” which earned her a 2013 Typographer of the Year Award. She used upper and lower case A-Z, 0-9, and some punctuation, and she’s thinking of selling bags and vests featuring the design. Yay!

Pranita also created this delightful story called Lost in Typeland, which features two characters who befriend each other, the famous typeface Bodoni and a little girl. Too cool. Be sure to click here to read the entire story and view Pranita’s portfolio.

typeland two

* * *

Second Bite

Check out this clever paper-letter animated short, “The History of Typography,” created by Ontario-based graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest. It consists of 291 paper letters, 2,454 photographs, and required 140 hours of work! So amazing, Bravo!

* * *

There now, didn’t it feel good to get your Garamond on?

I love me a good font feast.

Ahhhhhh — to serif or not to serif, that is the question.🙂

♥ More Alphabetica here.

P.S. Take the quiz: “What Font Are You?”

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tasting the abc’s of fruits and vegetables and beyond by steve charney and david goldbeck

#46 in on ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

carrot (2) 500

Food + ABCs together in one book — what could be better?

Steve Charney and David Goldbeck serve up a fun and delectable two course meal sure to satisfy a variety of appetites in The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond (Ceres Press, 2007). This alphabet book with extended activities contains just the right ingredients to feed hungry minds and hopefully get kids excited about incorporating more fruits and veggies in their diet.

abcs food

In Part One, (the first “course”), Charney presents a chewy, crunchy, giggle-inducing platter of rhyming alphabet poems (E is for Eggplant, K is for Kiwi, W is for Watermelon). Each page turn showcases one letter/one fruit/one veggie with a photo set against a bold-colored background on one side, and the illustrated poem on the other.


The focus is on familiar, kid-friendly produce as well as the more elusive Jicama, Quince, Ugli®, and Xemenia (a wild yellow plum from Africa). Food-related extras like Vanilla, Herbs, Farmer, and Organic round out the menu.  Littlest munchkins will enjoy the lively, comical poems and poring over the cartoony illustrations, perhaps not realizing they are consuming lots of ‘good-for-you’ facts at the same time.

abcs food2

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love me some typography

#44 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Was cruising around the web recently and found some cool examples of typography art. I get excited enough just appreciating different fonts that are doing nothing in particular except forming words, but when I see letters showing off their best acrobatics to create images, shapes, and textures, I’m a total goner. Click on the images below to access their web sources, some of which contain even more amazing pieces. Enjoy!

via WebyLife
via WebyLife
via Raychno21
Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn (click to enlarge)
via Design Swan

And my favorite:

via Design Swan


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eudora welty: enamoured with the alphabet

#43 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

from The Absurd ABC by Walter Crane, 1874 (click to see entire book)

Love this quote by Eudora Welty:

I live in gratitude to my parents for initiating me–and as early as I begged for it, without keeping me waiting–into knowledge of the word, into reading and spelling, by way of the alphabet. They taught it to me at home in time for me to begin to read before starting school. My love for the alphabet, which endures, grew out of reciting it but, before that, out of seeing the letters on the page. In my own story books, before I could read them for myself I fell in love with various winding, enchanted-looking initials drawn by Walter Crane at the head of fairy tales. In “Once upon a time,” an “o” had a rabbit running it as a treadmill, his feet upon flowers. When the day came years later for me to see the Book of Kells, all the wizardry of letter, initial, and word swept over me a thousand times, and the illumination, the gold, seemed a part of the world’s beauty and holiness that had been there from the start.

from The Book of Kells (800 A.D.)

Sigh. I know just how she feels ☺.

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tastiest game of scrabble, ever

#42 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

When last we met in alphabet land, we were contemplating a bunch of luscious letter lollipops in an amazing array of colors and flavors.

Today, behold an exquisitely handcrafted set of edible game tiles and racks, made with pure vanilla extract and real chocolate by Andie’s Specialty Sweets of Los Angeles, California. When I first saw these at BB-Blog, I fairly swooned! These faux wood grained beauties are truly too beautiful to eat, and are a fabulous way to express a broad range of sentiments.

Tiles are 1" square, racks are regulation size.
Comes in sets of 12 tiles + 2 racks.

Andie’s also makes many other gorgeous candy and cake embellishments. I like their policy of using fair trade organic chocolate, non g.m.o. sugars and starches, and organic flavorings. Their products are also gluten free, vegan friendly, and free of hydrogenated oils, gelatin, and corn syrup.

I love these pastel Peppermint Buttons!

Can be made in any flavor (shades of coral, pink, lemon yellow, mint and sky blue).

And these very cool edible Antique Inspired Chocolate Candy Gears. I imagine architects, engineers, clockmakers and tinkerers would go crazy for them!

Comes in batches of 15.

Final Swoon: Candy Vintage Inspired Cameo Necklace! Dynamite idea for bridesmaids gifts, birthdays or Mother’s Day.

Comes with 20" silk ribbon (flavors: peppermint, lemon sorbet, butter rum and vanilla)

Okay, what’s a five-letter word for delicious?

Check out all the other goodies at Andie’s Specialty Sweets Etsy Shop. They even have some heart-stopping fungi for scientific types ☺. Enjoy!

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