robot zombie frankenstein winner!


You will need:

1 generous author named Annette Simon donating a signed book, chef’s hat and apron
6 feisty blog readers game for competition
5 Alphabet Soup kitchen helpers in disguise
Robot and Robot judges
1 cherry pie
1 blueberry pie
lotsa forks
appetite for fun

Let the games begin

in 5 . . .

 4 . . .

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . .

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annette simon on robot zombie frankenstein (and a giveaway)!


You will need:

1 spritely, insanely creative author/illustrator named Annette Simon (pictured above)

1 shortish purple-y robot with three blue chest buttons
1 taller green robot with orange necktie and blue chest lines

cool endpapers!

a full smorgasbord of colorful, eye-popping geometric shapes
a generous measure of high voltage suspense
a predilection for monsters, the walking dead, pirates, superheroes, space aliens, comic disguises, chefs, and

– – –
*wait for it*

– – –


*thunderous applause*


Combine ingredients to create a hilarious bout of one-upmanship between the two robots with a rollicking assemblage of booty body parts and costume changes perfect for developing building and amalgamation skills using shapes, sizes, colors, layers, and proportions.

Reboot as needed and read the book all over again. And again.

Eat BIG pieces of pie with lots of friends. Laugh, spread glee, re-assemble split sides with magic forks.


* * *

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