who’s got the best buns in northern virginia?


According to Champion Cupcake Sleuth (CCS), Sara Lewis HolmesBest Buns Bread Company in Arlington has some pretty good ones, in addition to a killer Triple Lemon Cupcake.

So Len and I zipped on over to the Village at Shirlington, a cool complex of small shops and restaurants full of happy folks strolling hither and yon, walking their adorable dogs, showing off their shocking pink-purple hair, and gliding by on their tandem bicycles wearing red, white, and blue spandex.

Unlike Bakeshop, which is owned by a young, upcoming entrepreneur, Best Buns is part of the Great American Restaurants family — a popular chain of seven restaurants (8th opening this Fall), based in Fairfax, Virginia. We’ve actually eaten Best Buns’ products many times before, since they bake all the yummy bread served in the restaurants (mmmm, sourdough, carrot banana, raisin pecan).

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