soup of the day: me want pet! by tammi sauer and bob shea

Bears want chocolate rocks and pretzel sticks.

You want rocks? You want sticks? You want cute Cave Boy and pets?

More important, you want PREHISTORIC PARTY??!!

Ooga, baby, you’ve come to the right place! We’re capping off the official Me Want Pet! Blog Tour with a peek inside this brand new picture book, officially released this week, by two of the funniest, most popular creators in the field today: quacky, monster-loving Tammi Sauer and the primitive but potty-trained Bob Shea. Tammi and Bob will also talk about their pets in a bit, and of course we have lots of grub for everyone, so please stick around. ☺

First, l’accoutrements. Can’t have a proper Cave Boy celebration without clubs! Grab this, but mind how you use it. Twirl it, cuddle it, tap dance with it, but no violence, please.


Next, your official Woolly Mammoth hat. This is especially good if you’re having a bad hair day.


We also have furry caveman feet. Put them on to channel your inner troglodyte. Stomp and romp to your heart’s content!


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coming soon to a cave near you: me want pet! blog tour

Listen up, all you Neanderthals! Cave Boy is coming!!

We’re happy to announce that Alphabet Soup will be joining the celebration next week for the official release of this brand new picture book by oftentimes monosyllabic author Tammi Sauer and decidedly primitive illustrator Bob Shea.

Be sure to chisel these dates onto your stone tablets so you don’t miss any of the fun.


Monday, March 5th: Literary Friendships

Tuesday, March 6th: Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Wednesday, March 7th: Random Thoughts

Thursday, March 8th: Banana Peelin’

Friday: March 9th: Jama’s Alphabet Soup

***Giant drumsticks may or may not be served.



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