kristy dempsey goes to the dogs

#9 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2010.

 Kristy Dempsey’s dog, Pepper, in full-on begging mode.


Don’t you love her? What a face! Just look at those big, soulful eyes. Who could refuse this dog anything when she looks at you like that? Melt melt melt. Love. ♥


if I scrunch my nose
a bit more
against this glass door,

you’ll hear my whimper.

Must I wail?

Maybe a knock with my tail?

No need for a plate.

I’d settle for scraps.


© 2010 Kristy Dempsey. All rights reserved.

I’m so glad Kristy brought Pepper to the Poetry Party! We had some Fat Cats here last week, so it’s only fair dogs get equal billing. Please come in, Pepper. You don’t have to stay outside. Oh no. Look what Kristy brought — chocolate!

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