hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Brian Won

Brian Won wore many hats as a busboy, shoe salesman, library shelver, art director, and designer before making children’s books. His debut children’s book, Hooray for Hat!, is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Coffee black, no cream no sugar. Any brand, even gas station coffee is fine by me.

☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Outer Space, Bedtime Race written by Rob Sanders (Random House, 2015), How to Tell a Story written by Daniel Nayeri (Workman, 2014), and Hooray for Hat! (HMH, 2014). Forthcoming: Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes written by Tim Wynne-Jones (Candlewick, June 14, 2016), and Hooray for Today! (HMH, September 6, 2016).




☕ FAVE FOODIE CHILDREN’S BOOK: Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig (HarperCollins, 1998).

☕ Visit Brian Won’s Official Website.

☕☕ JUST ONE MORE SIP: Check out the trailer for Outer Space, Bedtime Race!


☕☕☕ CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Adorable book trailer for Hooray for Hat!


☕☕☕☕ STILL THIRSTY: How to Tell a Story trailer 🙂


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