we have a winner!

Remember our lovely interview with Debbi Michiko Florence 

We’ve now selected a winner in the CHINA book giveaway!

Here are the brilliant people who entered:


Pudding was supposed to pick the winner, but he ate too much sushi and didn’t feel like traveling. 

So we called in a ringer.

Cornelius claimed he was totally impartial. 
And he really wanted to go to China.

We warned him of the perils ahead of time:

This didn’t phase him one bit.
He immediately wiped the smile off his face and ventured forth.

He braved the Yutufat River of Chopsticks,

then scaled the Great Wall,

until he found a golden treasure:

He set to work right away, plucking fortunes by the paw,

so that he could give them names.

It was exhausting work.

Ping and Pong kindly offered him some tea.

To show his gratitude, Cornelius gave Pong the honor of the draw:

And the name that wisely appeared was —

((( BIG GONG!!)))

                              SUSAN WINNING!

No, that’s really her name, Winning. Honest.

Hey, we wouldn’t lie to you.

        Not even for all the tea in China!


Please email your snail mail address to readermail *at* jamakimrattigan *dot com*.

Thanks to all who entered! 

Here are your fortunes

Anne Marie: “Tomorrow will be too late to enjoy what you can today.”

Tricia:  “You deserve to have a good time after a hard day’s work.”

Lisa:  “Admire those who succeed, and learn from their success.”

Jo:  “You will always be surrounded by those who love you.”

Azang:  “Your nurturing instincts will expand to include many people.”

Debby:  “You are your wisest counselor.”

Susan:  “Don’t let friends impose on you.”

Kelly F:  “You will get what you want with your charming personality.”

Kay:  “You have keen intuition and emotional sensitivity.”

Kevin:  “Today will be lucky and memorable for you.”

Kristi:  “Your nurturing instincts will expand to include many people.”

Cathy:  “Listen attentively. You will come out ahead.”

Becky:  “Others admire your assertiveness.”

Anonymous:  “You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction.”