SOUP’S ON: Zoë B. Alley in the Kitchen Interview!


Grab your coffee or tea and settle in, folks. We’ve got such a treat today! Debut children’s book author, Zoë B. Alley, is in the alphabet soup kitchen!

I first heard about There’s a Wolf at the Door (Roaring Brook Press, 2008), last year, when I interviewed Zoë’s very talented husband, Paddington illustrator, R.W. Alley, for Robert’s Snow: Blogging for a Cure. He was excited about the book, and shared a sketch and finished cover art. I asked how he liked working with his wife, and he said everything went very smoothly. She wrote the text, then simply handed it over, giving him free rein.

Together, the Alleys have created “a graphic folklore wonder” for picture book fans, though, as I mentioned in my review last week, the humor and sheer exuberance of the stories will appeal to all ages. Judging from the many accolades the book has already received, it’s more than safe to say that this husband and wife team have struck gold.

Zoë is visiting today from her home in Barrington, Rhode Island, where she and Bob live with their two children, Cassie (18) and Max (15).

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