a prisoner of cakelove, or, i force myself to eat more cupcakes just for you

CakeLove storefront at Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA.

After meeting the man, it was time to meet his cakes.



They called to me, those sassy-sweet sugar sirens, from a little corner of Fair Oaks Mall, located just a few minutes from home. The newest location is a small storefront, but equally as dangerous as any of the CakeLove walk-in bakeries farther away.

Let’s say you’re at the Mall, happy with your own cute self, dutifully minding your own business, when you happen to stroll by this innocent-looking display case.

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cupcakes actually is actually delicious!


So, after spending the last several weeks visiting quite a few bakeries, I thought maybe Len and I should take a little break to keep from turning into walking cupcakes.

But alas, this was not to be. Right after dinner last Wednesday, Len turned to me in the middle of AC360 and said, “What, no cupcakes?”

Like he hadn’t had one in months and months. Poor thing looked pale, drawn, so pitiful. Indeed, he seemed to be withering away right before my very eyes. I recognized the signs immediately. Cupcake withdrawal.

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sweet read: the sisters club: rule of three by megan mcdonald

“Knife, fork, spoon.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Lights, camera, action.

Everywhere you look, things come in threes. It’s the Rule of Three.”

And I love love love the three Reel sisters: Alex (13), Stevie (11), and Joey (9).

As a rule, I read anything and everything by Megan McDonald. As a longtime Judy Moody and Stink fan, I was pleased as punch when I came across The Sisters Club: Rule of Three (Candlewick, 2009).

♥ Megan McDonald + cupcakes = recipe for perfection. ♥

In this second title of the wildly popular series, Alex and Stevie fiercely compete against each other for the lead in the school musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.” Trying out is a big step for middle sister Stevie, a peace-loving, behind-the-scenes type who’s always let Alex (Actor-with-a-Capital-A Drama Queen) bask in the spotlight. But singing is Stevie’s thing, so why shouldn’t she, just this once, take her turn at center stage?

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hello, mr. cupcake!

Bakeshop owner Justin Stegall.

Are bakers getting younger and cuter, or is it just my imagination?

Perhaps in my self-induced sugar haze, the old stereotype of benevolent, rotund, apply-cheeked bakers is disappearing in favor of lean, mean baking machines. To which I say, “Hallelujah, and thank you, Jesus!”


First there was White House chef Sam Kass, and now, Justin Stegall. We popped into his brand new Bakeshop in Arlington over the weekend — a cheery, light-filled, spiffy little bakery that greets you with the most heavenly aroma the instant you walk in.

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sweet talk with cakespy jessie oleson

                She’s here! She’s here! Let the sweetness begin!


When I decided to devote the month of March to Cupcakes and Bake Shop Treats, I immediately thought of Jessie Oleson, a.k.a., CakeSpy. After all, her sweet and scrumptious blog is where I get my daily sugar fix. There, I feast on delicious interviews with bakers and pastry chefs, read about fun baking experiments, learn about bakeries all over the country, and of course, drool over the neverending stream of recipes, stunning photographs, and whimsical Cuppie art.

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