hello, mr. cupcake!

Bakeshop owner Justin Stegall.

Are bakers getting younger and cuter, or is it just my imagination?

Perhaps in my self-induced sugar haze, the old stereotype of benevolent, rotund, apply-cheeked bakers is disappearing in favor of lean, mean baking machines. To which I say, "Hallelujah, and thank you, Jesus!"

First there was White House chef Sam Kass, and now, Justin Stegall. We popped into his brand new Bakeshop in Arlington over the weekend — a cheery, light-filled, spiffy little bakery that greets you with the most heavenly aroma the instant you walk in.

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sweet talk with cakespy jessie oleson


She’s here! She’s here! Let the sweetness begin!

When I decided to devote the month of March to Cupcakes and Bake Shop Treats, I immediately thought of Jessie Oleson, a.k.a., CakeSpy. After all, her sweet and scrumptious blog is where I get my daily sugar fix. There, I feast on delicious interviews with bakers and pastry chefs, read about fun baking experiments, learn about bakeries all over the country, and of course, drool over the neverending stream of recipes, stunning photographs, and whimsical Cuppie art.

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you had me at hello, or, how i almost fingerprinted somebody

Now then. Where were we?

Oh yes. When last we spoke, I was licking the last bits of chocolate ganache and vanilla cream off my fingers after leaving Buzz Bakery in Alexandria. Since our first foray into cupcake madness began at a place that carried a variety of baked goods, I decided it was time to zero in on a few upscale cupcakeries.


On a rainy Saturday, we headed over to Dupont Circle in D.C., to check out Hello Cupcake and Red Velvet. Never mind that it was almost impossible to find a parking space on the crowded streets of this area, that it was rainy and windy and we had to walk blocks and blocks to reach these places — no, never you mind. We did this all for YOU, after all, and you’re so worth it, right? Besides, it never hurts to burn a few calories before pigging out delicately tasting cupcake finery.☺

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a little cupcake chat with charise mericle harper


Are you in the mood for a deliciously plain vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting right about now?

Certainly hope so, because Charise Mericle Harper has stopped by to chat about Cupcake: A Journey to Special (Disney-Hyperion, 2010)! Seems everyone is crazy about this scrumptious, sparkly story that attempts to answer the question: Can a plain vanilla cupcake find happiness in a razzle dazzle world?

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soup of the day (and a giveaway): it’s raining cupcakes by lisa schroeder!

Weather Forecast for alphabet soup and vicinity: Mostly sunny with periods of heavy cupcake rain. Sugar highs astronomical with cheers blowing in from all directions. Frosting and sprinkles overnight north and west of town.

          Available as a 5″x7″ print here.

Grab your umbrellas, everyone — it’s cupcake weather!

I am sooooooo excited that It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder (S&S/Aladdin, 2010) is officially out today! Truly, this middle grade novel has my name written all over it, and I’m here to shout its praises from the highest rooftops.


Will you just look at that cover? *lick lick* Scrumptious and then some. If it’s got you anticipating a deliciously fun, uplifting story that will leave you comforted, inspired, and totally satisfied, you will not be disappointed. Just wait till you begin reading — each chapter is named after a different cupcake flavor: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes, Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes, Coconut Mango Cupcakes, and my personal favorite, Hawaiian Sky Cupcakes! ☺

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