soup of the day: touch blue by cynthia lord!

“Reaching into my pocket, I touch that lucky-blue sea glass and try to cram all my wishes about Aaron into one. Please let this plan work.” ~ Tess from Touch Blue

Maine blue lobster postcard available from paflip25.

Guess what just came ashore?

Hint: it’s heartwarming, funny, takes place on a small island in Maine, was inspired by a true story, and was written by one of my favorite children’s book authors.

Oh, and it’s beautifully, bountifully, breathtakingly BLUE!

Yes! Touch Blue, Cynthia Lord’s second middle grade novel, is officially out today! Big cause for celebration. BIG. Because ever since I read her Newbery Honor-winning debut novel, Rules (Scholastic, 2007), I’ve been hungry for more more more. As luck would have it, I did not receive my promised review copy from the publisher (ahem!), but I did receive the copy I pre-ordered online a few days early, just in time to write this post! I’m pretty sure I finally got lucky because I blogged about blue for most of last week, while I was wishing, wishing ☺.

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soup of the day: hot rod hamster by cynthia lord and derek andersen!


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!


Do you have a need for speed? Come on, let’s burn a little rubber, ’cause today, Hot Rod Hamster, the first picture book by multiple award-winning author, Cynthia Lord, officially hits the shelves! *the crowd roars*


Will you just look at that hamster? He oozes personality and kid appeal from every pore, and only wants one thing: to build a sizzling hot rod so he can enter the race at the 4 Paws Speedway.

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