the meat of the matter: aaron reynolds on carnivores

Warning: The following post features ferocious meat lovers. If you are tender, juicy, or have a tendency to hop, they might eat you. Read at your own risk.

The Lion is King of the Jungle!

The Great White Shark is Sovereign of the Sea!

The Timber Wolf is Emperor of the Forest!



seemingly normal

book biting

lasagna and sushi lover

who goes by the name of Aaron Reynolds



*roar, chomp, howl*

His Royal Meatness

You want proof of the Princely Pudding? Ravenous readers everywhere are gleefully clicking their cuspids and savagely devouring Aaron’s brand new book, Carnivores. Yes, they’re eating it up before it eats them. ūüôā

A wise and sensible thing to do, I daresay, because this hilarious story is totally brilliant, darkly delicious, and oh-so-filling. *burp*

It wasn’t enough that back in 2005, Aaron spiced up my ho-hum existence with Chicks and Salsa.¬†No. He got me to wiggle my wattle and actually tolerate football with Buffalo Wings¬†in 2007. Did he stop there? Not a chance.

Last year he terrified me with a bunch of Creepy Carrots, but I’ve since forgiven him because at least now I know the chopped salad I’ve been smelling under my pillow is real.

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soup of the day: chicken dance!


Eggs-tra, Eggs-tra, Feed All About It!

Curl your lips (or beaks, as the case may be), wiggle your wattles,¬† shake your tail feathers. It’s time to bawk and roll! WooHoo!

Rawkin’ album covers featuring author and illustrator.

About a week ago, I announced that Elvis Poultry was in the building. Today, his creators, author Tammi Sauer (Cowboy Camp), and illustrator Dan Santat (Guild of Geniuses, Secret Life of Walter Kitty), have got plenty to crow about, because CHICKEN DANCE (Sterling, 2009) has officially hatched!

Picture Book for ages 4-8, 36 pages.

True, this heeeelarious, rollicking barnyard romp of a story snuck into a few hen houses a little early.¬†But now, it’s obvious that the world was¬†mighty¬†hungry for a good cluck with pluck, because the first print run has already sold out!

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