friday feast: “For the Chocolate Tasters” by Diane Lockward (+ a recipe!)

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.” ~ Michael Levine

Small Batch House Truffles via Chocolate Chocolate DC.

Please don’t wake me. I’m in the midst of a chocolate truffle dream. I’m surrounded by beautiful bonbons and it’s my job to taste them. One by one, I wrap my lips around the scrumptious hand-shaped orbs, savoring each note of exquisite flavor as they slowly melt on my tongue.

Deep Milk Pleasure with its creamy milk chocolate buttery center takes me back to the after school treats of my childhood. With the rich white chocolate of Coconut Rum Paradise I’ve washed up on the shores of Hawai’i, while the Original Dark, with its chocolate liquor and handsome dusting of Scharffen Berger cocoa, speaks of men in tuxedos waltzing in dimly lit ballrooms. ūüôā

With an Irish last name, I’m entitled to an Irish Cream Dream. I breathe in the heady aroma of Bailey’s Irish Cream before gently sinking my teeth into the rich Valrhona chocolate shell, my taste buds tickled by those sprinkles of coffee-infused El Ceibo. It’s like meeting Aidan Turner at the corner pub. Pure ecstasy!

Since I am serious about my chocolate, I save the best for last: Uber Dark and Decadent. Dangerous and devilish, this one is capable of bringing even veteran tasters to their knees. This is how it is with 70% cacao and sassy cinnamon– one small taste and you’re hooked. Come over to the deepest darkest dark of the dark side. ūüôā

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friday feast: talk almost dirty to me, diane lockward!

I must say it again: no other contemporary poet can touch Diane Lockward when it comes to food poems.


Sassy and sensual, this witty, playful temptress handles words like a master chef might gently caress juicy, blushing peaches right before setting them aflame with heartbreak and humor. I know when I read one of Diane’s poems my senses will be fully engaged and I’ll be surprised at where she takes me, inevitably enlightened by the emotional tune-up. She’s accessible, instinctual, and fearless! Whoever coined the phrase, “a feast of words,” must have had Diane in mind. She seems to perform her “high-wire acts of language and imagination” with the greatest of ease, titillating the reader without a safety net.

Recently, Diane released a new e-chapbook called Twelve for the Record, which contains 12 of her most requested poems, four from each of her print collections (Eve’s Red Dress, What Feeds Us, Temptation by Water). I purchased Twelve for the Record as soon as it was available, even though I already own all her other books. You just never know when you’ll get a sudden craving for an exquisitely crafted poem that gleams and glistens; it’s nice having a few choice nuggets in your back pocket.

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friday feast: absolutely NO soup for you, a recipe, and a giveaway!


So, are you drooling over this beautiful bowl of lentil soup with fresh berries on the side?

Well, drool is all you’re gonna do, because today, there will absolutely, positively be NO¬†SOUP¬†FOR¬†YOU!

That’s right. No slurping or sipping or swallowing or anything else. I¬†realize it goes counter to everything I stand for around here, but today’s a special day and I’m making an exception.

Bouillabaisse by Zen Chef/flickr.

Remember last week’s cookie fest with Mr. Dumpty? Diane Lockward, the fabulous poet who created that scrumptious poem, has graciously granted me permission to post yet another delectable delight from her latest book, Temptation by Water. What could be better than melt-in-your-mouth cookies, you ask?¬†Soup, of course!¬†

Mulligatawny by anjuli_ayer/flickr.

I¬†swear I’ve never actually met Diane, but it certainly seems she’s writing¬†many of her poems just for me ‚ėļ. Recently, I asked her about the genesis of and writing process behind today’s poem, “‘No Soup for You!'” I¬†learned that she loves soup and has a bowl for lunch almost every day throughout the year — and,¬†*wait for it*, her husband owns a restaurant!


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friday feast: call me cookie


I am rich, buttery coconut with warm ginger tea, melty chocolate crackle on a Saturday night. If you like, marvelous molasses, merry in mid afternoon. A melting moment, a kiss, spicy and sweet.

Drop me, roll me,¬†press me, powder me¬†—¬†I am your favorite¬†bar none.¬†Flirting with dates, almonds, lemon and cinnamon, I always rise to the occasion. I go wherever you go, tell your fortune if you like.

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friday feast: the power of blue

 Source: D. Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography

Some of you may have noticed¬†I’ve been a bit obsessed with BLUE this week.

Maybe “obsessed” is too strong a word. Try, “enamoured.” Yes, that’s better. Though green has always been my favorite color, lately blue’s been toying with my affections,¬†surprising me with its uncanny guises (I think there’s a picture book in there somewhere). “Call me by any one of¬†my¬†names,” it teases, and I’ll set you to poetic dreaming: cerulean, azure, cobalt, lapis. Aquamarine, baby, powder, indigo,¬†denim, royal, robin’s egg. Prussian, sapphire, midnight, electric, teal, sky,¬†navy, steel, periwinkle.

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