hotTEA of the week: Marlon Brando

“Food has always been my friend. When I wanted to feel better or had a crisis in my life, I opened the icebox.”

hotTEA of the week: Gary Cooper

“In Westerns you were permitted to kiss your horse but never your girl.”

[upcoming event] paddington storytime at barnes and noble (free movie tickets!)

The other day while out golfing and playing tennis, several of our resident Paddingtons heard some exciting news: there will be a special Paddington Bear Storytime at Barnes and Noble stores across the country at 11:00 a.m. this Saturday, November 8, 2014!

In anticipation of the new Paddington movie (whose opening has apparently been pushed back to January 16, 2015 instead of Christmas Day as we previously reported), local B&N stores will be giving out free movie tickets to storytime attendees while supplies last. These tickets can be used anytime between January 16 and March 31, 2015.

Barnes and Noble has just released a new, exclusive edition of  Paddington (picture book) that includes Paddington’s Scrapbook (chock full of little-known facts, travel souvenirs, photos and letters), illustrated by the fabulous R.W. Alley, of course!

AND, if you just happen to be lucky enough to live near the Brentwood, TN, Barnes and Noble store, note that Nicole Kidman, one of the stars in “Paddington,” will be reading from the Paddington B&N Edition on Thursday, November 6 at 4 p.m. 🙂 Both these B&N events are of course free and open to the general public.

Have you been wondering who took Colin Firth’s place as the voice of Paddington? It’s 34-year-old British actor Ben Whishaw. Apparently Michael Bond’s daughter is ecstatic — saying he has captured Paddington exactly as she had imagined him to be (Paddington is computer-generated in the film).

Check out the new movie trailer and judge for yourself:

*   *   *

I gotta admit — he’s really starting to grow on me. 🙂

Okay, back to business as usual . . .



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paddington is losing his voice

Remember how excited I was to hear that Colin Firth was going to voice Paddington Bear in the new movie to be released Christmas Day in the U.S.?

The other day I saw the official movie trailer and something felt wrong. Can’t explain it — the bear on the screen looked like Paddington, but he didn’t feel like the character I had grown to love so much from reading Michael Bond’s books. I know how more often than not, the book is usually better than the movie. And the producer of this project did say they were going to put their own spin on the character. But still.

See for yourself:

*    *    *

Okay, maybe I’m just used to the Paddington puppets from the old TV series. Or maybe I’m stuck on the Paddington of my own imagination. Maybe I like him so much I’d be disappointed no matter what.

Now I’ve learned that Colin Firth has left the film. Apparently it was mutually agreed that his voice didn’t suit the on-screen character they had created (who so far feels more like a “Ted” than a child-centric bear).

Sigh. Wonder who will take Colin’s place. No one can, really.


I really need a marmalade sandwich.


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five, six, seven . . . (okay, nine) happy things on a tuesday

1. First things first! You’ve probably already heard, but this bears repeating again and again and again:

Colin Firth will be voicing Paddington in the new movie!!


I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I first heard about this last week — actually two lovely writer friends sent me a news link within seconds of each other with the same message: OMG! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!

And I died because I’ve loved Paddington forever, have read all his books numerous times and own 30+ Paddington stuffed bears and visited Paddington Station and like eating marmalade sandwiches and want a duffle coat and give people hard stares and want to change my last name to Brown and, and . . .

I mean, I was excited enough when I heard P was doing a genuine-for-real movie, but then to learn that of all the actors in the entire world with nice voices it will be COLIN FIRTH saying all of Paddington’s lines! Paddington’s character will be computer generated, but as Colin said, “Paddington will have something of me in his DNA because I’m going to do some sessions wearing one of those helmets with cameras to capture my face muscles, and all that data will somehow be incorporated into Paddington.”

Holey moley, two of my favorite guys morphed into one! Colin Firth face muscles for crying out loud. Too, too much!


One of my friends said, “It’s almost like Colin’s doing this just for you.” SCREAM. Oxygen, I need oxygen! We’ll have to wait till 2015 before the movie comes out. Sigh. And here I thought I couldn’t possibly love Paddington or Colin any more than I already do . . .

* * *

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