hello, brand new year!

corn leis
Thanks for the beautiful lei, Cobi!

Hello, Cutie Pies, and Happy New Year. We’re baaaaack!

Yes, well, mostly. Still battling the jet lag . . . lag . . . lag . . .

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that Santa was extra good to you. I must say, you’re as good looking as ever and none the worse for the wear (are those cookie crumbs I see on your face?). Mr. Cornelius and I had fun visiting friends and relatives in Hawai’i, where the operative word is FOOD. Enjoyed Christmas at my brother’s, some great restaurant outings, and of course, the ultimate New Year’s Korean Feast at my parents’ home (details in a separate post).

edwards soup (2)Yay! It’s a brand new year and a brand new month. January is a particular favorite because it’s National Soup Month and Hot Tea Month. I’m looking forward to welcoming some cool guests to Alphabet Soup in the coming weeks, not only authors and illustrators talking about their new books, but also folks who create some fabulous arts and crafts. Look for, “Indie Artist Spotlight,” a new interview series featuring some immensely talented artisans and their work. I’ve always loved unique, heartmade, handcrafted goods, and try to support independent artists whenever possible. I can’t wait to learn more about their inspirations and processes!

For now, check out some of our Hawai’i adventures. As usual, Mr. Cornelius ate more than anyone else and loved having his picture taken. (He asks that you hold your applause until the end.) 🙂

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good times in hawai’i

Hale’iwa Beach, Oahu

Hello there!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Thanks SO much for all your birthday and Happy Thanksgiving wishes! Len, Cornelius and I just returned from 10 days in Hawai’i, where we gorged ourselves feasted amicably with ever-charming friends and relatives.

Every day was a delicious new adventure of visiting favorite restaurants and savoring a nice variety of multi-ethnic flavors — everything from teriyaki butterfish to Italian pasta to kalua pig. Of course my mom served mandu (dumpling soup) our first night there, and each morning began with half a sweet, juicy papaya.

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