(you will love) my milk toof: the adventures of ickle and Lardee

So last week this adorable book magically appeared in my mailbox.

A surprise from my good friend Sylvia, who knows my love for whimsical, quirky things. I usually don’t go out of my way to read about teeth, even though I like my James Taylor-loving, tells-funny-stories dentist who wears crisp plaid shirts and likes to sing while he drills. And I really hadn’t given much thought to the whereabouts of all those baby teeth I handed over to the Tooth Fairy once upon a time.


But now, Inhae Lee’s new book has me wondering. Never in a million years would I have ever considered the possibility that “teeth” could be cute. I know what you’re thinking: there’s cute, and then there’s too cute.  It’s a slippery slope. Not unlike eating something too cold and getting brain freeze, or having your teeth hurt from biting into something too sweet. But Ms. Lee gets it just right.


Maybe you already know ickle and Lardee from the Milk Toof blog, where this very talented Berkeley-based artist has been chronicling tiny teef adventures since 2009:

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