friday feast: the biting humor of why do i chase thee by jessica swaim and chet phillips

“He who chases his own tail has a full circle moment.” ~ Issa Shih Tzu


I’ve got my nose in the best book!

Why Do I Chase Thee: Classic Poetry for Dogs from Elizabeth Basset Browning and Other Canine Masters by Jessica Swaim and Chet Phillips is tail-waggin’ brilliant and totally blows my ears back. Can you dig it?

Finally, finally, dogs have their day and their say. For far too long, silly humans have discounted their random bow wows, arfs, woofs, yips, and yaps. Here’s proof that some of these mutts were actually sniffing out sonnets and licking limericks with the best of them.

Make no bones about it, this snappy little volume features sixteen of the most celebrated poetic pooches of all time, including four-time Poolitzer Prize winner Rover Frost, iambic puptameter whizzard William Shakespaw, haiku master Issa Shih Tzu, and the somewhat repentant Dogden Dash, who knows just what to do with a rhymed puplet:


Judging by their ankles, here’s my educated guess:
The FedEx man tastes better than the guy from UPS.

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riding the scary-go-round with jessica swaim

#7 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2011.

Jessica (center) with friends Kate Morton (Madame Ratowski) and Caroline Stutson (The Kid).

At every party, there’s always at least one guest who knows how to make a dramatic entrance. 

Behold Jessica Swaim as Count Dracula’s bride, bedecked in lace and ready for a spooky delicious time. She’s brought along her ghoul friends, Madame Ratowski and The Kid, straight from the pages of her latest picture book, SCARUM FAIR, which was a 2010 Cybils Poetry Finalist. She’d love us to have some blood red punch (Types A, B, and O), a fur-lined cup of steamy, stinky Cat-Hair Stew and a Devil’s Food cupcake. Perfect way to channel the spirit of her creepy carnival and wake up the dead.

         Flamingo Bakery/flickr

Up for an eerie coffin race, a bug tattoo, a ride in a terrifying teacup? Madame Ratowski will gladly read your palm for a piece of Swiss cheese. Personally, I’d like Dr. Crunch to straighten out my creaky cranium.

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