friday feast: raspberry rapture (a poem and a recipe)

via Richard Roche

Not too long ago, while I was busy tap tap tapping on my keyboard, I picked up the divine scent of raspberries.

They beckoned like shamelessly seductive sirens from a far-off fairyland: “Come, come to us! We’re mingling with flour, sugar, eggs and buttermilk! We can make you happy! O come, and bring your butter knife!”

You can see I had no recourse but to investigate. The aroma of something wonderful baking in the oven is what I live for, and I absolutely love love raspberries! It wasn’t coming from my kitchen, sad to say; the resident bears were all napping. So where? I clicked through to a few of my favorite foodie websites. Dorie Greenspan was busy baking thousands of gourmet CookieBar cookies, and CakeSpy was happily working on her new book, due out this Fall!


Weakened by longing, desperate with curiosity, I briefly closed my eyes and let the rich raspberry rhapsody wash over me. I had to find those vixens! Aha! I should have known. Those ruby red rascals were right here on LiveJournal! My highly trained olfactories led me straight to Jeannine Atkins’s blog. Yes, she had just set out a plate of freshly baked Raspberry Muffins. Oh my, what beauties! Big, bumpy, bursting with berries. Taunting and tempting, even contaigious, since it didn’t end there. Within minutes days maybe a week, those very same muffins appeared on Jo Knowles’s blog.

Have mercy.

Just as big, bumpy, berryful and beautiful.

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