2010 Library-Loving Blog Challenge Wrap-up


Hooray for you!

With 174 beautiful, heartfelt, impassioned comments, you stated loud and clear just how important libraries are in your lives. You are definitely my kind of people!

I love knowing that many of you consider the library a second home, how it’s the first place you look for when you move to a new town, how you take your children there every week for storytime, how your neighborhood library made you into a lifelong reader when you were little. For people passionate about reading, lifelong learning, communicating, building a strong community and investing in the future, there’s nothing like the public library. 

I said in my 2009 post how I couldn’t have written my third book without the interlibrary loan service at Fairfax County Public Library (FCPL). I taught a woman how to read at the Chantilly branch, met my first writing group and volunteered at Centreville, sat in tiny chairs at the old Fairfax branch reading hundreds of picture books so I could learn how to write one. I’ve been a patron of this library system for over 25 years, and it’s always given me more than I can ever say.

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library-loving blog challenge update


Hey, everybody!! Thanks SO much for your sweet, sweet library loving support! I’ve reached my 150-comment goal, so I’m raising my cap to $200!

Come on, help me spend my money! If you haven’t commented yet, please do so at this post. A few seconds of your time is worth $1 for the Fairfax Library Foundation, even more if you help spread the word. Every dollar counts, and each and every comment lets the world know how important libraries are to our lives, our futures, our families, our communities.

This challenge runs through midnight tomorrow (EDT), March 27th. 

To see the full list of bloggers from around the country participating in this challenge, visit the writerjenn blog. ♥

looking for a few more sweet, good looking library lovers!

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Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday at my Library Loving Blog Challenge post! I’m about a third of the way there, which means I still need 100 comments to reach my goal. That’s right — 100 smart, caring people who know how valuable libraries are in our communities!

In case you haven’t commented yet, please do! Just a few seconds of your time will earn $1 to help the Fairfax Library Foundation.This challenge runs through Saturday, March 27th. Please help me spread the word in whatever way you can — Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails, etc. Thank you very much!!

Meanwhile, here’s your mantra for the day:

Available as a 5" x 7" mini wooden plaque here.


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2010 Library-Loving Blog Challenge!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

If you love libraries, please leave a comment!

Welcome to the second annual Library-Loving Blog Challenge! I’m not asking for any money, just your support. For every comment received at this post (or on Facebook), between now and midnight (EDT) March 27th, I will donate $1 to the Fairfax Library Foundation, up to an amount of $150  $200. Of course, if you shower me with sweet everlasting library love, I can easily be persuaded to exceed that amount. ☺

The Fairfax Library Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to provide supplementary support to the Fairfax Public Library by enhancing library programs and services for the community. Since the time we had our first Library-Loving Blog Challenge in 2009, the FCPL budget has been cut by 15% (elimination of 330 library staff positions + many program reductions), and is facing even more budget cuts in FY2011, which could reduce the workforce by as much as one third. 

These drastic cuts come at a time when people need library services more than ever. They’ve been flocking to all 23 branches for help with their résumés, job certification tests, or to apply for jobs online. If the FY2011 Budget Plan is adopted, libraries would close two mornings and two evenings a week, with a 50% cut in book, magazine, and audio funding.


This year, rather than just send a check to the Foundation, I’ve decided to purchase books through their Amazon Wish List. Of course they will be children’s books! Titles I hope to donate include Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant, two Harry Potter books, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and some Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park. I like seeing exactly where my money is going, and it makes me happy to know that a few more of these popular titles will be available to local children.

So please help! A simple "I love libraries" will do! Note that this challenge is "per commenter" (50 comments by the same person still counts as one), but you can do more by helping to spread the word. Please link to this post, tweet it, Facebook it, etc., and send your friends (or good-looking people in the grocery checkout line) here so they can comment and raise more money.

If you’re moved to make a flat-fee donation to your library, or want to start your own challenge, please leave your information in the comments, and we will add your link to the master list located at Jennifer R. Hubbard’s blog. Go there now to see all the participating bloggers (and to visit other sites where you can help libraries just by leaving comments)!

This challenge runs all week, so there’s plenty of time to spread the word and comment on as many blogs as you’d like.

Thanks for your help and support. Of course, you get a cupcake!

Fondant icing and sugar paste carnation by abbietabbie.


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2010 Bloggers’ Library-Loving Challenge!

 photo by bfurlong.

March is just around the corner, which means it’ll be time once again to show our libraries a little love! ♥

Remember last year, when Jennifer R. Hubbard organized the first Bloggers’ Library-Loving Challenge? That netted over $1600 for our local libraries! Thanks to many of you, I was able to earn over $100, which I donated to the Friends of the Chantilly Library. I hope to surpass that amount this year with your help.

This year’s challenge is scheduled for the week of March 23-27, and Jenn would like to have more bloggers join the effort. You could either make a flat-fee donation to the library or literacy organization of your choice, or host a blog challenge like I did — donating a specified amount for every comment received on a designated post. Please sign up to support and help raise awareness for one of the most valuable free resources we have in our communities. Even if you don’t have a blog, there are other ways to help. Click here to check in with Jenn and get all the details, then please help us spread the word via your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc., or emailing anyone you know who loves libraries!

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