[review + giveaway] Bookjoy, Wordjoy by Pat Mora and Raul Colón

If ever there was a book that wholly lived up to the promise of its title, Bookjoy, Wordjoy by Pat Mora and Raul Colón (Lee and Low, 2018) is certainly it.

Every bit of this ebullient fourteen poem collection is pure, unabashed, glorious, spirit-lifting joy. Celebrating the rewards and pleasures of reading and sharing good books, as well as exercising one’s creative muscle to write original poems, it’s the perfect way to get kids excited about the wonder, beauty, and infinite possibilities of words.

Bookworms, word collectors, library lovers, literacy advocates, and budding poets will find much to love in Mora’s lyrical, open-hearted poems and Colón’s stunning, beautifully rendered illustrations. This is the third collaboration by this esteemed, multi-award winning Latinx team (Tomás and the Library Lady, Doña Flor: A Tall Tale About a Giant Woman with a Great Big Heart), and they’re in perfect sync here.

I confess Mora had me with her opening poem — a simple declaration of how vital and nourishing books can be:


We belong
books and me,
like toast and jelly
o queso y tortillas.
Delicious! ¡Delicioso!
Like flowers and bees,
birds and trees,
books and me.

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another serving of hawaiian sweet bread pudding

When is a recipe more than just a recipe?

Back when I first started blogging in 2007, one of the first recipes I shared was for Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding. It’s so sinfully delicious, people are often surprised at how easy it is to make.

This longstanding Island favorite is perfect for neighborhood potlucks, bake sales, and school and church gatherings. It’s my go-to recipe for last minute guests, always fits the bill for relaxing Sunday brunches, and is just about as comforting as comfort food can get.

I’ve fed sweet bread pudding to painters, carpenters, and landscapers. To dinner guests I wanted to impress. To new neighbors and physical therapists. I even converted a fourth grade class of die-hard brownie and chocolate chip cookie lovers. One taste, and their stories magically brimmed with sensory detail.

But of all the happy eaters I’ve encountered, Roberta is my favorite.

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two for tuesday

A couple of noteworthy things for you today.

First, we have a winner in our CakeSpy book giveaway!!

Thanks to all you sweet-toothed readers for sharing your favorite desserts. I’m now dreaming of treats like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, crème brûlée, cream puffs, and pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting.*drool*

We once again called upon the services of Mr. Random Integer Generator, who was sporting a dapper Derby and had waxed his mustache just for the occasion. He ardently wished to present all the lovely entrants with a copy of the book, but rules are rules. So, we tossed over some numbers and he selected (sans drumroll, as he claims to be too civilized for that sort of thing) —

Congratulations, Cobi!

Please send me your mailing address so we can get the book out to you ASAP! Thanks again, everyone, for playing. I will eat a serving of all your favorite desserts in your honor  ☺!

Now, please listen up!

The wonderful Teaching Authors — that would be April Halprin Wayland, JoAnn Early Macken, Mary Ann Rodman, Carmela Martino, Esther Hershenhorn and Jeanne Marie Grunwell Ford — are doing a Holiday Fundraiser for First Book.

They aren’t asking for any monetary donations, just a teeny tiny moment of your time to leave a comment on their blog (on any post), now through December 31, 2011. For every comment they receive, they will donate $1 to First Book, a fabulous organization which provides books for children in need (each new book costs $2.50). And Disney Publishing Worldwide will match every $1 donated with another new book!

I know that if you’re reading this, you probably love books — reading, writing, and/or sharing them. So, click on over pronto if you haven’t already, leave a comment, and help make a child happy with a book of his/her own.

The Teaching Authors will donate up to $225; thus far they have raised under $40. Go help them spend their money, and do what you can to help spread the word — via Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, etc.

If you promise to comment, you may have a cookie. ☺

Go, Teaching Authors! Thank you for your generosity!!


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