who are your favorite literary stud muffins?


Okay, friends. It’s muffin time!

Today, we’re featuring a zero-calorie breakfast that’s sure to get those creative juices flowing. It’s also very easy on the eyes — a dozen freshly baked literary stud muffins!

Since we run an equal opportunity bakery here, we’ve actually got six muffins and six muffinettes. Each was featured in a film or TV series based on a well-known book (or play), and all of them totally blew me away with their consummate acting, drop-dead gorgeous looks, charisma, and enormous staying power.

After you’ve feasted on this achingly sweet breakfast, please vote for one stud muffin and one stud muffinette. Write-in votes are accepted if your fave is not listed here. Enjoy!

Bring on the studs!