♥ macarons: love at first bite ♥

      Nelle coveting the box.

I’d been hearing people rave about macarons on food blogs for months on end.

I read about the intense passion, the pilgrimmages to Paris pâtisseries, the unprecedented cultish status of this French sandwich cookie, and I thought, "how good could it possibly be?"

Well, now I know.

Look at me! Yesterday, an innocent child chasing cupcakes. Today, a sophisticated mademoiselle of meringue! My eyelids are fluttering, my pulse ever quickens, my face flushes at the thought of yet another sweet encounter.

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a dream of macarons

jek in the box {is home}/flickr


Would you like a macaron? Please help yourself!

mosaic from lildamselfly’s flickr photostream

Small and round, crisp, creamy, so colorful and, let’s face it, so dang cute — you’d have to be hard-hearted indeed to turn down one of these beauties. Before you accuse me of misspelling the name of this French meringue cookie sandwich, let me clarify — le macaron is different from the American macaroon (a sticky, chewy, overly sweet coconut cookie).

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