martha calderaro’s special delivery

#7 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2012.

Hey, Poetry Friends – You’ve got mail!

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing children’s writer Martha Calderaro would rather do for Poetry Month than visit your neighborhood to drop a freshly penned poem in each and every mailbox. Imagine finding a love sonnet, a bawdy limerick, an inspirational verse, a clever bit of wordplay or calming lyric nestled among the bills and bank statements!

Since this isn’t physically possible, lovely Martha is doing the next best thing: she’s written a poem especially for the Potluck,  a humorous flight of fancy that doubles as a tribute to a vanishing breed of messengers.

Daisy, Martha’s Muse: “Pat me. You know you want to.”

She’s also brought along her adorable six-month-old Newfoundland pup, Daisy, who was there when inspiration struck for today’s poem. It sounds like in Martha’s neighborhood, dogs wax poetic rather than chase after the mailman. We’re doubly glad Martha’s here today, cause her special delivery also includes a yummy recipe straight from the Muffin Man. ☺

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