friday feast: two smart cookies and a winner!


Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I featured Diane Lockward’s poem,“If Only Humpty Dumpty Had Been a Cookie,” and I suggested you might try writing your own cookie poem using any or several of these wordy cookies as a prompt?

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apples from the teacher: mary lee hahn!

#12 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2010.

Apple and chocolate-covered espresso bean smiley face by Mary Lee Hahn.

Class, did you bring an apple for the teacher today?

What, your dog ate it?

Have no fear: Mary Lee Hahn is here! It’s way cool to have an apple from the teacher today, especially from this teacher. Every time I read another one of Mary Lee’s blog posts, I wish I could be in her class. She always seems to be cooking up such fun and interesting projects for her students. Mmmmmmm! Do I smell cinnamon?



Sour apples,
thinly sliced.
Butter, sugar,

From hot oven,
smells entice
and titillate your

Tart is sweet now,
slightly spiced,
Add heavy cream, hear

© 2010 Mary Lee Hahn. All rights reserved.


Don’t you love the “sliced,” “entice” and “spiced” tucked in the middle of each stanza? Kind of like sweet filling in a pie. ☺

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