helga stenzel: the magic in the mundane

How now, brown cow?

Ever get the feeling you’ve been hung out to dry? Well, this can be a good thing if you’re one of Helga Stenzel’s creations.

Russian-born but London based, Helga is a multi-disclipinary visual artist who transforms familiar household objects into quirky, light-hearted works of art.

Helga and her laundry double.

With her trained eye and playful spirit, Helga uses items of clothing, kitchen utensils, office supplies — and yes, FOOD, to encourage us to reimagine the ordinary. In her world, avocados sing, pecans become weight lifters, and lettuce barks. 🙂

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karen hoepting’s whimsical world

Go ahead. Reach for a pretty cuppa. I’m sure the butterflies won’t mind. Which one is your favorite? 

What a treat to be able to drink in Canadian artist Karen Hoepting’s rich, vibrant colors and inventive compositions!

Karen was born on a farm in rural Ontario, where, from a young age, she and her siblings wiled away the hours drawing and painting. Living in the country, it’s no surprise that Karen’s favorite subjects were animals, which she tried to draw as realistically as possible.

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