friday feast: absolutely NO soup for you, a recipe, and a giveaway!


So, are you drooling over this beautiful bowl of lentil soup with fresh berries on the side?

Well, drool is all you’re gonna do, because today, there will absolutely, positively be NO SOUP FOR YOU!

That’s right. No slurping or sipping or swallowing or anything else. I realize it goes counter to everything I stand for around here, but today’s a special day and I’m making an exception.

Bouillabaisse by Zen Chef/flickr.

Remember last week’s cookie fest with Mr. Dumpty? Diane Lockward, the fabulous poet who created that scrumptious poem, has graciously granted me permission to post yet another delectable delight from her latest book, Temptation by Water. What could be better than melt-in-your-mouth cookies, you ask? Soup, of course! 

Mulligatawny by anjuli_ayer/flickr.

I swear I’ve never actually met Diane, but it certainly seems she’s writing many of her poems just for me ☺. Recently, I asked her about the genesis of and writing process behind today’s poem, “‘No Soup for You!'” I learned that she loves soup and has a bowl for lunch almost every day throughout the year — and, *wait for it*, her husband owns a restaurant!


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