children’s authors and their dogs: bow wow wow wow wow!

Woof woof! Arf arf! Ruff ruff!

Brush your fur, lick your chops, and perk up those ears! Sniff to your heart’s content.

Every dog has his day, and today is the dog day of the summer!!

Doggone right. It’s pink tongues, cold noses, and wagging tails here at alphabet soup, in honor of all the perky pups and hot hounds who grace our world. We just wanna say how much we love and appreciate everything they do — whether a cherished member of the family, a faithful companion to the physically challenged, or a highly trained work dog who helps keep us safe by sniffing out bombs or drugs, or pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage. 

Dogs aren’t called, “wo-man’s best friend” for nothing. Their capacity for unconditional love, unfailing loyalty, and innate ability to bring comfort is unparalleled. Plus, they’re so dang cool. Yip!

  Cool canine © 2010 Leslie McGuirk. All rights reserved.

To help us celebrate, some extremely good-looking doggies are here today with the children’s authors they live with (who are kinda cute themselves). Can we also acknowledge our debt to dogs for the long, quiet hours of companionship, for the joy and balance they bring to frazzled writers when things get ruff? Heck, some have even inspired stories of their own.

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dogs dogs dogs

Holy Dog Breath!

The alphabet soup kitchen has been hijacked by dogs!

They’re everywhere, everywhere! Lapping up tequila and expensive mineral water, leaping through hoops, barking, whimpering, panting, jumping on the furniture, and licking all my stamps! Some want me to read Shiloh to them over and over again, while others are demanding doggie massages. And I’m running out of biscuits and chew bones!

All because Thursday is National Dog Day, and some of these clever critters got whiff of my plan to post pics of them with their children’s author companions. Ever since I put out the call, there’s been a steady stream of these tail wagging, tale telling, marvelous mutts ringing my doorbell.

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coming soon to alphabet soup!


One week from today, alphabet soup is totally going to the DOGS!

That’s right, a special post featuring some of the coolest canines on the planet — cool because they all live with children’s and YA authors!

Join us for food, fun, and friendly frolicking as we celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th. (Tail wagging encouraged. Drooling optional.)

BTW, can you guess who this precious pooch belongs to?

Hint: the artist he lives with created a manners book set at The Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC!

Ruff ruff! Sit, and stay . . . tuned. ☺

Copyright © 2010 Jama Rattigan of jama rattigan’s alphabet soup. All rights reserved.