nonfiction monday archive

1. Surfer of the Century by Ellie Crowe

2. Hiromi’s Hands by Lynne Barasch

3. Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds by Paula Yoo

3. Mud Pies and Other Recipes by Marjorie Winslow

4. George Crum and the Saratoga Chip by Gaylia Taylor

5. Shining Star: The Anna May Wong Story by Paula Yoo

6. Food for Thought: The Stories Behind the Things We Eat by Ken Robbins

7. Japan by Debbi Michiko Florence

8. Everything Spring by Jill Esbaum

9. The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Disaster by Loree Griffin Burns.

10. Enrique Esparza and The Battle of the Alamo by Susan Taylor Brown and Jeni Reeves

11. First Garden: The White House Kitchen Garden and How It Grew by Robbin Gourley

12. If Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk

13. My Lunch Box: 50 Recipes for Kids to Take to School by Hilary Karmilowicz and Rebecca Bradley

14. How Did That Get in My Lunchbox? by Chris Butterworth and Lucia Gaggioti

15. The Perfect Place for an Elf Owl by the First and Second Grade Team at Lane Elementary School, Alexandria, Virginia

16. Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet

16. Come and Eat! by George Ancona

17. Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman

18. The Writing Critique Group Survival Guide by Becky Levine

19. Georgia in Hawaii by Amy Novesky and Yuyi Morales

20. What’s for Lunch?: How Schoolchildren Eat Around the World by Andrea Curtis

21. The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond by Steve Charney and David Goldbeck

22. Yummy!: Good Food Makes Me Strong by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly

23. Molly’s Organic Farm by Carol L. Malnor and Trina L. Hunner

24. Allergies, Away! by Ginger Park and Frances Park

25. Grandpa’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Cookbook by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett