mindfulness poetry: “On How to Pick and Eat Poems” by Phyllis Cole-Dai

“Strawberries Bella and Ida at the Table” by Marc Chagall (oil on canvas, 1916).

Recently I discovered A Year of Being Here, a wonderful poetry site curated by author, editor, composer and musician Phyllis Cole-Dai

From January 2013 to January 2016, Phyllis posted a mindfulness poem by a contemporary poet each and every day. Though her 3-year project is now at an end, the collection will remain online so that everyone can continue to visit this haven of comfort, inspiration and empowerment.

Many of us live rushed and frantic lives where we are forced to multi-task. With our attention continually fragmented, we often feel overwhelmed and powerless to stem the tide of unceasing demands on our time and peace of mind. We’ve heard and agree with the sage philosophers who remind us about the importance of “being fully present,” of living in the moment, of existing wholly in the here and now. But it’s not that easy, is it?

“Making Jam” by Vladimir Makovsky (1876)

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