cookie jar capers

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” ~ Barbara Johnson


Did YOU take the cookies from the cookie jar?

Who, me?

Yes, you!

Couldn’t be.

Then, who?


Can’t fool me. I see crumbs on your face. 🙂

Don’t blame you, though. A cookie, at any time of day, always makes things better.





by Edgar Guest

You can rig up a house with all
manner of things,
The prayer rugs of sultans and
princes and kings;
You can hang on its wall the
old tapestries rare
Which some dead Egyptian
once treasured with care;
But though costly and
gorgeous its furnishings are,
It must have, to be homelike,
an old cookie jar.

There are just a few things that
a home must possess,
Besides all your money and all
your success —
A few good old books which
some loved one has read,
Some trinkets of those whose
sweet spirits have fled,
And then in the pantry, not
shoved back too far
For the hungry to get to, that
old cookie jar.

Let the house be a mansion, I
care not at all!
Let the finest of pictures be
hung on each wall,
Let the carpets be made of the
richest velour,
And the chairs only those
which great wealth
can procure,
I’d still want to keep for the joy
of my flock
That homey, old fashioned,
well-filled cookie crock.

Like the love of the Mother it
shines through our years;
It has soothed all our hurts and
dried away tears;
It has paid us for toiling; in
sorrow or joy,
It has always shown kindness
to each girl and boy;
And I’m sorry for people,
whoever they are,
Who live in a house where
there’s no cookie jar.


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cute stuff

Some of you may have noticed I have a full out obsession tiny weakness for china and crockery. My favorite thing to do is set the table. What can I say? I love to play with dishes.

At present, we have three cupboards and three hutches brimming with cups, plates, teapots, platters, and bowls. No room for any more. No, no room at all.

I’m usually okay as long as I don’t see something. But the other day a Google+ friend posted this:

Trinket dish or tea bag holder

Curious to see more, I clicked through to the Etsy Shop and found some delightful pieces for sale at LennyMud (Lenny is the artist’s cat). Everything is handmade, non-toxic, eco-friendly, lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

And there are mustaches! I’m married to a Lenny with a mustache! It must be a sign, right? But I decided that if I show you these cute things, you’ll be tempted to buy them so I won’t have to.

Yes, that’ll work,right?

One of a kind Peeping Sugar and Creamer Set

Hmmm. I have such great willpower. No more pottery for me, no siree.

One of a kind candy dish or planter

Talk about admirable restraint. If I can resist a coconut cupcake, I can resist these things. Right?

Phew! That was close. Sometimes I really amaze myself. ☺

One of a kind teapot

Wanna see more? You know you do. LennyMud is here.

Support an independent artist today!

*skips away*


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