we have two caperlicious winners!

Remember when Mr. Cornelius fell victim to caper-lollipop-induced bad behavior?

You’ll be happy to hear that after learning that hard lesson, he’s been the model of good behavior.

*cue in angelic harp music*

No cookie stealing, no boozing, no bad words, no dumping on the dumplings.

In fact, he’s been so good, he didn’t once nag beg ask to pick the winners for the The Great Lollipop Caper Giveaway.

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another serving of hawaiian sweet bread pudding

When is a recipe more than just a recipe?

Back when I first started blogging in 2007, one of the first recipes I shared was for Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding. It’s so sinfully delicious, people are often surprised at how easy it is to make.

This longstanding Island favorite is perfect for neighborhood potlucks, bake sales, and school and church gatherings. It’s my go-to recipe for last minute guests, always fits the bill for relaxing Sunday brunches, and is just about as comforting as comfort food can get.

I’ve fed sweet bread pudding to painters, carpenters, and landscapers. To dinner guests I wanted to impress. To new neighbors and physical therapists. I even converted a fourth grade class of die-hard brownie and chocolate chip cookie lovers. One taste, and their stories magically brimmed with sensory detail.

But of all the happy eaters I’ve encountered, Roberta is my favorite.

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thought for the week

What better thing is there than to be part of a process that brings such delight to so many? People of all ages and temperaments love reading, love crawling under the covers, turning on the bedside light, and opening to the place where they left off. Think of it:  grandmothers in their nighties, handsome young men wearing tortoiseshell glasses, teenage girls with fluorescent-colored braces, couples who break a rich silence to read passages aloud to each other, convicts who can at least escape in this way — all these people find solace and joy in the pages of a book. Also priests, Bookies, Photographers, Engineers, Cowgirls, Astronauts, Drycleaner clerks. Somebody from everywhere loves reading. And it’s writers who give them the gift of this deeply felt pleasure.”

                            Elizabeth Berg, Escaping into the Open