foodie field trip: sprinkles cupcakes in georgetown

Let’s talk cupcakes!

This past weekend, I tried six, count ’em, six, different cupcake flavors at the new Sprinkles in Georgetown. I’d been wanting to try them ever since the Spring of 2010, when I first began pigging out researching cupcakes and learned Sprinkles was the first shop of its kind in the world.

Before Sprinkles opened in the DC area in March (first one on the East Coast), I’d read about how Candace and Charles Nelson gave up their high power investment banking careers to open their original cupcake-only boutique bakery in Beverly Hills. Of course, seeing Candace as a judge on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars just made me curiouser and curiouser.

Just how good could her cupcakes be, that the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Katie Holmes and Barbra Streisand just can’t get enough of them? And, to sweeten the batter a bit more, how would Sprinkles fare and compare, plunking themselves smack dab in the middle of  Georgetown Cupcake territory?

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you had me at hello, or, how i almost fingerprinted somebody

Now then. Where were we?

Oh yes. When last we spoke, I was licking the last bits of chocolate ganache and vanilla cream off my fingers after leaving Buzz Bakery in Alexandria. Since our first foray into cupcake madness began at a place that carried a variety of baked goods, I decided it was time to zero in on a few upscale cupcakeries.


On a rainy Saturday, we headed over to Dupont Circle in D.C., to check out Hello Cupcake and Red Velvet. Never mind that it was almost impossible to find a parking space on the crowded streets of this area, that it was rainy and windy and we had to walk blocks and blocks to reach these places — no, never you mind. We did this all for YOU, after all, and you’re so worth it, right? Besides, it never hurts to burn a few calories before pigging out delicately tasting cupcake finery.☺

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