friday feast: no quibbles with q

#18 in on ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

photo by tenebrismo.

I am quite quazy about Q.

Quick and quiet, quacking or quaking, Q’s a letter of quintessential quality.

Unlike O, who sometimes doesn’t know which end is up, Q sits next to me on the couch and stays put. I like a letter who’s quaint, a little quirky, sometimes questioning, always forever faithful to U.

photos by jazzejunqueinc and crissygarcia333.

You know how Ramona Quimby signs her name, drawing Q like a little cat? Ever since I saw that purr-fect Q, I’ve been a goner for Q’s tail; it’s got to be the coolest fashion accessory in the alphabet!

Okay. Right now, say “q.” See how it makes you purse your lips just so, like you’re ready for a kiss? ☺ I love that!

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