Indie Artist Spotlight: Stéphanie Kilgast of PetitPlat

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stephanie headshotYou’re just in time to meet Stéphanie Kilgast, the supremely talented artisan who creates all the amazing miniature food sculptures at PetitPlat. 🙂

A couple of years ago, while browsing for food art on Etsy, I chanced upon PetitPlat and instantly fell for Stéphanie’s meticulously crafted, truly splendid banquet of French pastries, breads, cookies, fruits, cakes and candies. The realism and level of detail were so incredible I couldn’t believe my eyes. How did she do it? I immediately ordered Oreo cookie and submarine sandwich earrings which arrived on my doorstep lickety split, and have had so much fun wearing them ever since.

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Stéphanie currently lives about 280 miles southwest of Paris. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany, speaks fluent French, English, and German, and has a Master’s degree in Architecture. While on summer break in 2007, a bored Stephanie looking for a new hobby discovered the world of miniatures and hasn’t looked back since.

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She hand sculpts and assembles all the jewelry and 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures she sells from scratch. Her work has been featured in international publications such as the New York Times, The Telegraph, BBC Brasil, Europa and American Miniaturist, and just last year she exhibited her work in Hong Kong. Crafters who work with polymer clay will be happy to know Stéphanie is currently working on a bilingual French/English tutorial book, hopefully to be released in May.

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We thank Stéphanie for taking time from her busy schedule to tell us a little more about her love for food miniatures. Hers is a delightfully inspiring story of someone finding success by following her true passion, which is evident in every micro-mini baguette, St. Honoré, fruit tart, croissant and rainbow cake. She says colors and textures are her companions; “making you smiling and happy is the goal of my work.”

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stéphanie kilgast: small plate, huge talent!

"Lavendar Birthday Tray" for sale at PetitPlat Etsy Shop.


I’m kissing my fingertips again — happens every time I see something just too beautiful to eat.

Just as well, because Stéphanie Kilgast’s miniature sculptures are made from polymer clay. How small are they? Check it:

Let us feast with our eyes! Mmmmmmmm (don’t you love those tiny macarons?).

"Tropical Feast" dangle earrings.

Stéphanie in her atelier.

Stéphanie, who currently lives in France, has a masters degree in architecture. After discovering her passion for miniatures back in 2007, she decided to pursue sculpting food pieces full-time. Her business, PetitPlat Food Art, caters to dollhouse miniature collectors and jewelry lovers with discerning palates. All pieces in this post are entirely handmade by Stéphanie and most are available for purchase at her Etsy Shop.

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