the new and improved pantaloon!

Look what just came out this week!

A brand new, updated edition of the 1951 Golden Books classic, Pantaloon, written by Kathryn Jackson. Did you read it when you were little? Somehow I missed this one, even though I had a pretty large collection of Golden Books. It really is a charming story — I find it impossible to say the word, “pantaloon,” and not smile. Knowing it’s the name of a pastry-loving French poodle tickles me to no end. Pantaloon, pantaloon, pantaloon! Isn’t that a great word?

Original version published by Simon & Schuster, illos by Leonard Weisgard.

The story itself has been revised a little in this new Random House edition — a few words changed, an extra bathtub scene added. To refresh your memory, Pantaloon loves loves loves pastry and cookies, and wants to be the baker’s helper. Unfortunately, the baker rejects him, thinking Pantaloon will eat more than he’d bake. Undaunted, Pantaloon disguises himself as an old lady who claims to be a good cook who never eats between meals. The overworked baker is so overjoyed, he dances with the old lady around the shop. Oops! She accidentally loses her shawl and bonnet, and Pantaloon gets thrown out of the bakery again.

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soup of the day special edition: stampede by laura purdie salas and steven salerno


Look out! Take cover! Clear the decks!

A stampede is coming!!

Just two days from now, Monday, April 6th, to be exact, Stampede!: Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School, by the amazingly prolific author and poet, Laura Purdie Salas, will be officially released through Clarion Books! WooHoo!!

That’s right. One of Poetry Friday’s regular participants, deemed last year an official Poetry Princess, she of the famous 15 Words or Less weekly poetry writing feature, is launching her first trade book collection of poems for kids.

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