summer songs: something sizzling this way comes

photo of Jakob Dylan by Herb Ritts for Vanity Fair.

So, how’s your summer going so far?

Behold, a young blue-eyed musician — talented, sensitive, good-looking, and bound to set your heart a-flutter. Yes, whether you need to mellow out in your hammock, or spice up your salsa, Jakob Dylan’s your man.

I shamefully admit I overlooked Jake’s music entirely. Didn’t pay any attention to his albums with the Wallflowers. I thought, well, he is Bob Dylan’s offspring, yes, but how good could he be? He could never come close to his dad’s music; I would only find myself comparing the two and be disappointed. But earlier this year, I heard about Jakob’s first solo acoustic album, Seeing Things, and gave it a listen.

photo by josh c.

I fell into it right away. Love his smokey vocals, crisp guitar, lyrical songwriting and relevant themes. In this age of over-produced teeny bop mediocrity, it’s refreshing to hear a record that’s pared down to the basics of accessible emotion and honest, personal vision. Seeing Things gets better with every listen, and its subtle messages will sneak up on you. I’m one of many who have underestimated Jakob’s talents. He looks like Bob, some of his music harkens back to Bob, but Jakob is Jakob.


I’m happy to share some of his goodness today. Listen with an open mind, and take the time to let his sound wash over you, easy and clean. Be sure to click over to the PBS website featuring two videos of Jakob on Austin City Limits. One features a track from the album, “Something Good This Way Comes,” and the other is an interview. When you see Jakob talking, you will see for yourself just. how. hot. he. is! For the record, he’s also one of 18 beautiful male specimens vying for the title of Handsomest Man in the World in Vanity Fair’s June poll. Guess who I voted for? Good genes, all around. ☺

Here’s one of my fave songs from Seeing Things, “Will it Grow,” :

Click here if you wish to engage in more unabashed swooning and drooling over Jake on this fine summer day!